Zlatan Legends – Take The Podium as The Champion of The Universe!

If you are a football fan (the thing that Americans call soccer for some reason), you surely know who Zlatan Ibrahimovic is. The Swedish player with Balkan heritage is among the best players of today and among the most unique personalities to ever be in football. It doesn’t come as a surprise that he got his own game called Zlatan Legends. The mobile release offers you a chance to become the best Zlatan of all and dominate the in-game multiverse.

Zlatan Might Have Pushed Things a Little Bit

Zlatan Legends is a game released by Isbit Games, which you might know from a puzzle release Warp Shift. In case you didn’t know, that company is co-owned by Zlatan Ibrahimovic, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if the footballer pushed things a little bit to get its own game. That being said, the Swedish player certainly deserves it. If we were going to look for a player more perfect for a release like Zlatan Legends, we wouldn’t be able to find it.

What Is Zlatan Legends?

Zlatan Legends is far more than just a footballing simulation. It’s a mixture of various genres that are packed with an incredibly fun action adventure. At its core, it is an MMO / PvP release that offers you the chance to see if your Zlatan is better than the others across the globe.

The events of Zlatan Legends are placed in a multiverse of different dimensions and infinite galaxies. The Lord of Space and Time organizes an intergalactic tournament and calls species from all ends of the multiverse. Each dimension has the right to send a champion to represent it. As it turns out, all the champions are the variations of the same man (guess who?).

You Will Play as Zlatan, but You Won’t Play Football

Instead of playing football, Zlatan Legends takes it to the next level and urges you to become the best at Driftball. The new sport is a combination of pinball, football, card collection, and puzzle. Considering that Zlatan is a versatile talent, there is no doubt that he is capable of being the intergalactic Driftball champion, too.

Your goal is to save the worlds by racing through different levels. Balls have an automatic linear trajectory, and they can hit blue and yellow walls. They will smash blue walls, but they will bounce off the yellow ones. Each player can control the direction where they want to launch the ball, as well as power and speed and the timing of kicks and teleporting.

Zlatan Legends Gameplay
Zlatan shooting the ball (like always)

Controls Are Easy as Zlatan’s Dribbles

You know how it looks simple when Ibrahimovic dribbles his opponents? That’s how simple the controls are in Zlatan Legends. You determine the strength of your shot by pulling in opposite direction of where you want to hit the ball. It’s an intuitive system that enables you to focus on enjoying the game.

There are various arenas to compete in across the multiverse. Each of them has different tiers that offer various challenges, as well as considerable rewards. As you progress through Zlatan Legends, the game becomes harder, and it becomes trickier to complete levels. Each of the tiers has a champion that you will have to defeat to become the new best Driftball player. Oh, you will also reap some nifty prizes each time you defeat a champion.

Upgrade Your Zlatan and Customize It

As you progress and put down some wins, you will claim rewards from loot crates. That way you can unlock a bunch of items that you can use to customize your character and upgrade his skills. Zlatan Legends offers to learn and to improve various abilities that will enable you to be competitive with rivals in higher tiers. Aside from that, as your fame level increases, you will be able to unlock new areas and planets.

You can customize the Zlatan character with various attractive outfits. Also, there are different ways to celebrate once you win and you can even customize the Driftball you play with. You can choose from trail effects that it leaves behind and paints.

Zlatan Legends Customize Zlatan
Dress Zlatan the way you want (lol)

Even Zlatan can’t Win Alone

Ibrahimovic is one hell of a football player, but in drift ball, he cannot do everything alone. That is why he can organize his crew to help him become the best in the multiverse. Members of the team can help by completing missions that secure additional loot crates. As team members level up, there will be better rewards and new mission types available.

Once you get tired of facing the AI, I suggest you try the League mode. There you can see how good you are compared to players in other parts of the world. Do you have what it takes to be the dominating force in Zlatan Legends?

Zlatan Legends Tips and Tricks

It’s not easy to be as good as Zlatan, even if it’s just in a game, which is why you should take a look at the tips and tricks for Zlatan Legends offered below.

You Should Combine Speed and Style

Considering that Zlatan Legends is a racing game, the primary goal is to go through the finish line first. However, you will occasionally hit a wall that will prevent you from winning just because you haven’t upgraded your character enough. In that case, there will be some grinding involved. You will have to return to lower levels to level up more quickly.

When finishing first is not the primary objective, you should try longer routes that will enable you to collect as many points and coins as possible. The goal becomes to play for the crowd, just like Zlatan does in real life.

How to Use Boosts

You want to start with as much speed as possible. That is why you should make sure to use the first boost at the beginning of the race. More precisely, make sure to use it at the countdown. You should also give your best to link a bunch of boosts together. If you do it properly, you can go through the entire run with a boost.

You Can Use Different Gear from the Same Category

In Zlatan Legends, you need to pay attention to classes and groups of your upgrades. If a piece of equipment is better than the other, you should equip it regardless of it being aesthetically worse. However, if two pieces are from the same category, feel free to choose the one you like more.

Don’t Forget Daily Missions and Tasks

Completing various tasks and daily missions can speed up your progress through the game. Even though you will be attracted to complete as many levels as possible, don’t forget that daily tasks can give you some valuable rewards and help you on your path.

Final Words


Zlatan Legends is an incredibly innovative game that can be played by both people who love football (and Zlatan) and those who don’t. It’s a fun mixture of genres that has incredible potential replay value. There is a bunch of ways to customize the character and equipment, and the racing itself is pretty addictive. Numerous areas and routes to go both contribute to replayability.

Unfortunately, Zlatan Legends fails with the grinding element, just like many other games. You will have to be ready to repeat same courses until you upgrade your character enough to unlock the next level.

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