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Xbox Series X And Series S 7 Million Units Sold – But It’s Still Lagging Behind PlayStation 5


It has been 10 months since the newest console generation took off. Xbox broke through impressive 7 million units sold and became the fastest-selling Xbox console ever. But still, it's lagging behind its competition

Console sales figures for the week between August 29 and September 4 have been posted on the internet. Full comparison between sales of PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X And Series S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch have been made. The results are unsurprising, as they continue in a trend established in the first months of the new generation sales.

The Switch was that week’s king of the hill, with impressive 300,000 units sold. This brings the lifetime sales of the Nintendo Switch to about 90.5 million units sold worldwide. PlayStation 5 took second place with 200,000 units sold in that specific week. And this brings the newest Sony console to 11.5 million units sold. And in third place, we have Xbox Series X And Series S, with 130,000 units sold. Microsoft’s newest console hit the big 7 million units sold milestone that week. For comparison, it took Xbox One 52 weeks to reach that milestone, while Xbox Series X and Series S did that in 42 weeks. Microsoft CEO stated that the newest generation of consoles is their fastest-selling one yet.

Seems like Xbox Series X And Series S will surpass disastrous Xbox One

You simply can’t discuss Microsoft console sales without addressing the elephant in the room. Xbox One sold very, very badly. In lifetime sales Xbox One got surpassed by every single Sony console except Vita, and by its own last-gen console, Xbox 360. But seems like Microsoft learned, and came prepared this generation around. Xbox Series X And Series S is likely to outsell Xbox One. But how will it fare against its biggest competition, the PlayStation 5? Well, so far it has been an uphill battle.

The first month of new generation consoles ended with the following numbers. PS5 sold 4.5 million copies, while Xbox X|S sold 3 million copies. But now in the 10th month of sales, we have 11.5 million units of PS5 vs 7 million of Xbox X|S. The gap is just getting wider and wider. It started at 1.5 million, and now it’s 4.5. Will Xbox-PC streaming capabilities boost this number in the following months? Or maybe the table will turn at some point due to the great and rapidly expanding Xbox Game Pass? Or maybe we should just celebrate? Xbox X|S is already a success in the eyes of Microsoft.