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Who Would Buy Xbox One X When Even Microsoft Admitted: “It’s not for Everyone”?

Microsoft announced its plans to release “the most powerful console ever” at the E3 gaming expo held this summer. Even at that point, many people asked a reasonable question – why would players opt to pay $500 for a system that is nothing but a 4K Xbox One?

Although that was months ago and we are now only weeks away from the release of the Xbox One X, the same question remains hanging. It’s clear that Xbox One S is a far better option when it comes to price and it doesn’t take away that much from the gaming experience. While that is something you will hear people whispering, it’s a shock when that is confirmed by an official from the company that has made the console!

But that is just what Phil Spencer, the chief of the Xbox team, said while he gave an interview for the Unlocked, the IGN’s podcast about the Microsoft’s console. During the discussion, he admitted that they don’t even expect their 4K system to be the market leader.

“We are aware that all the games can be played on both S and X version of the console. With the S version being the affordable one, we know that it will be the one that sells most copies. Xbox One X is not for everybody,” said Spencer during the podcast.

Who Would Buy Xbox One X?

All things considering, this is a question that was expected to be asked. The answer is that “the most powerful console ever” is intended for those who want to push games to their limits.

“If you are looking for the very best experience that you can have while playing on a home console system that is what you will get with Microsoft Xbox One X,“ Spencer claims.

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The problem is that both 4K TV and 1080p TV can offer an incredible experience. There is also the fact that, thanks to the cross-play with the PC, you will have the option of playing every game for Microsoft’s console on your computer with better visuals (if you have adequate configuration).

“The truth is that it will be amazing whether you play games on 1080p TV or you went with 4K resolution. The difference is that there are many casual players out there, but there are also those who take this hobby seriously.”

You Have a Choice

Microsoft is offering gamers a choice. They can enjoy native 4K with HDR and get the best visual presentation ever, or they can settle to pay an affordable price for a bit less. The company had done the similar thing with the Xbox Elite Controller. Although they offered is an improvement on the original version, they never said anything like “that is the controller you should buy.”

On the other hand, there have always been gamers who appreciated innovation, and they had the budget to see the maximum effects of it. That is the target market for the Xbox One X, which might also become a thing of prestige among players.

Xbox One X will launch on November 7th, and you can read more about the features on the official website.

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