Xbox One Finally Gets Mouse and Keyboard Support

It was a matter of day when we will get news like this, but it seems that keyboard and mouse support for the Xbox One platform is finally becoming a reality. Microsoft didn’t hide the fact that they were interested in doing this for a while, but it is only now that we got an official confirmation by Jason Ronald, the Head of Program Management for Xbox One.

Microsoft will be joining forces with Razer, a company that is known for providing top-quality gaming equipment that meets the expectations of even the most hardcore gamers. However, Razer will only be making the official keyboards and mice, but the platform will offer support for a huge majority of existing USB Wi-Fi accessories.

Ronald, however, emphasized that it will be up to the developers to choose whether they want to provide accessory support and how they will do it.

“We are glad that we are implementing this new feature for our console and the developers will have the option to include support for keyboards and mice.”

Developers Have The Final Say

It is interesting to note that Ronald emphasized the decision is left to the developers, which means that Microsoft will not support mouse and keyboard by default. In case the developing teams want, they can add this feature to their titles.

“We believe that each team knows what is the best for their releases, which is why we are giving them the freedom to choose how they want to deliver the gaming experience to players. That way we will ensure that everything remains fair and optimal.”

This leads to some interesting questions when it comes to multiplayer sessions. For example, most gamers will agree that the keyboard and mouse have an advantage over joypads when it comes to first-person shooters. Is it fair to let everyone in the same session even though some players might have an advantage because they are using mouse and keyboard? Perhaps the developers will need to make separate matches for different types of controls. However, we have the example of Fortnite where Epic decided to allow mobile owners to partake in the same sessions as PC users. We guess that those are innovations we need to get used to.

The first release that will offer mouse and keyboard support for Xbox One will be Warframe which will become available next month for “Xbox Insiders.”

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