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Back to the Future and other Free Games for Xbox Live Gold in December

The holiday season is upon us, and it might be a good time to spend your extra time with your favorite Xbox console. If you have a Live Gold subscription, you will even have the opportunity to play four games for free during December.

Microsoft decided to include a standard lineup of two releases for Xbox One and a couple more for Xbox 360. As for the former, gamers will be able to enjoy Warhammer End Times – Vermintide throughout the entire month. The Warhammer fantasy world is the home of numerous brilliant games, but in Vermintide you will take part in a co-op action adventure that involves a lot of combat.

The time around Christmas is ideal for taking a trip back to the past with Back to the Future. The remastered version of the popular game was made for its 30th Anniversary edition and Telltale once again did a superb job in turning a movie into a fantastic gaming experience. Just an FYI reminder, BTF: The Game is an entirely new adventure for our favorite hero Marty McFly and takes place after the trilogy events. The release will be available in the Xbox Live Gold from December 16th, 2017, until January 15th, 2018.

The other two games that are part of the promotion can be played on both Xbox 360 and Xbox One thanks to the backward compatibility of the consoles. The first one in the roster is Ubisoft’s Child of Eden, a rhythm action title that is a genuine gem of the genre. Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who also developed Space Channel 5 and Rez, is its creator, which is probably the reason why Child of Eden is so addictive. You can play it until December 15th on Xbox Live Gold.

Finally, if you are in the mood for some hacking and slashing, make sure to pick up Marlow Briggs and the Mask of the Death from December 16th until the end of the year. The high-paced action adventure game is single-player only, but it can deliver hours of fun regardless.

In the end, let us remind you that the promotion period for Tales from the Borderlands started in November, but will continue until December 15. During that time, you can keep playing the Telltale’s episodic game free of cost. Of course, the condition that you have an active Xbox Live Gold subscription is the only one you need to fulfill.

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