GTA IV, Red Dead Redemption, and 90 other games in Xbox Backward Compatibility Sale

In its latest weekly sale, Microsoft enabled Xbox One owners to purchase hit games like Middle-earth: Shadow of War and Dragon Ball FighterZ. However, that is not the end of this week’s surprises. The company has just announced that they are organizing a huge sale of games that are backward compatible with Xbox 360. In other words, if you have Xbox One, you can purchase Xbox 360 titles at a discount price and play them on your console.

The highlight of the sale is probably Red Dead Redemption. The end of October is when we should expect the next franchise installment and this is a great opportunity to remind ourselves of the original. The initial RDR is available for just $10. While we are on the topic of Rockstar, let’s mention that you can also obtain Bully ($6) and GTA IV ($7), which are also impressive deals.

There’s More Than Just Popular Titles

There are other titles more than worthy of your attention. For example, you can purchase all three BioShock games for less than $30 in total, while the three Xbox 360 installments of Call of Duty are available for under $50 combined. Lovers of adventures will get the chance to play the Borderlands series while racing fans will be eager to play Burnout Revenge. Sports fans, on the other hand, can purchase the exciting and high-paced NBA Jam or go with the more relaxing SEGA Bass Fishing simulation.

When it comes to strategy, not many games can compare to Civilization and the 4X turn-based release Civilization Revolution will surely attract the attention of the genre lovers. There is something for the fans of fighting games, too, such as Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Those that are nostalgic will be eager to meet with Sonic again in one of over five games currently available on promotion. Some other nostalgic titles include Crazy Taxi, Mega Man 10, and Duck Tales Remastered.

Finally, this is an excellent chance to test some releases that might not be as popular as the above-mentioned games but definitely deserve your attention. One of them is Catherine, a narrative-driven and extremely innovative puzzle.

The total number of games on sale is 92 and you can find the entire list on the official Xbox website.

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