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Xbox App Now Allows You To Play Your Console Games On The PC


Options for streaming console games to PC just keep on getting better. Xbox App offer is among the very best ones

Xbox Wire broke the news this morning in a post written by Jason Beaumont. The buzzwords seem to focus on how fast and easy you can dive into desired titles. “Today, we’re opening up new possibilities for you to remotely play console games on your Windows 10 PCs (or later) with updates to the Xbox app, including support for playing Xbox Game Pass games from the cloud, playing games directly from your console with Xbox remote play” states the post.

This is exciting news for a number of target audiences. Now you can enjoy console exclusive titles without actually owning a Microsoft machine. Or maybe your PC can’t handle all the latest and greatest titles. As long as you have a stable internet connection, it doesn’t matter. This is a further incentive to pick up Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, as you can play any videogame listed in their huge library on your Windows 10 PC, as long as you own a compatible controller. Microsoft also assures that all network features will be available to you. Even if you want to partner up with others playing through the cloud.

The Newest Generation of Xbox Gets to Play Too!

This also marks the first time Xbox Series X|S owners are given the opportunity to play around with Xbox Remote Play on PC. This iteration of the remote play service offered by Microsoft also features much-needed upgrades. The ability to stream at 1080p up to 60 FPS being one of them. The service allows you to play anything on your Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. But Microsoft extended the offer to include some titles from the original Xbox, and the 360. All due to popular demand. Xbox Remote Play is available in pretty much every country that supports its products. Not only for PC, but also for Android phones and tablets, and iOS hardware. You can learn more about it right here.

Only time will tell how popular this service becomes. But any option to access older generation titles on new hardware is welcome in my book. There is plenty of active competition. Just the other day I discussed Geforce Now, and last week I looked into new additions to PlayStation Now. The first being a PC-oriented streaming service that allows you to play the newest titles on even the worst-performing PC, for dirt cheap too. And the latter is a Sony product with the same goal, to bring console titles to PC. Only time will tell which one of these will rise to the top. Or maybe they can exist right next to each other?