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WW2-Themed Online FPS Enlisted Makes Its Way to PS4, Xbox One

WW2-Themed Online FPS Enlisted Makes Its Way to PS4, Xbox One

Enlisted is finally available on last-gen, albeit it only runs at 30 FPS

Gaijin Entertainment and Darkflow Software announced earlier today that Enlisted is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. The game features four campaigns on PC and current-gen, only two of which are available on last-gen at the moment. Namely, the Invasion of Normandy and the Battle of Tunisia. Gaijin mentioned that players can look forward to the Battle for Moscow in the next update. Meanwhile, expect the Battle of Berlin to also launch sometime in the next few months.

According to the developers, it took over a year of work to optimize Enlisted for PS4 and Xbox One. Similar to Battlefield, Enlisted features massive maps full of soldiers, vehicles, and aircraft. As a result, expect systems running the game to require pretty beefy hardware to be able to handle everything that’s happening on the map. Even after working hard on optimizations, Gaijin only got the game to run at 30 FPS on last-gen. While not ideal, at least the game is stable and now we can finally get our hands on it on last-gen.

“As with any transition to a new generation of game consoles, the previous one maintains a huge user base for a few years.” Anton Yudintsev, co-founder of Gaijin Entertainment, explains. “We were not sure that it was technically possible to release Enlisted on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, therefore we launched the game only on next-gen platforms where we achieved 4K@60FPS performance. We’re glad that now even more gamers can try our game”.

About Enlisted

Enlisted is a WW2-themed FPS developed by the same folks who brought us War Thunder, Star Conflict, and Crossout. The game is squad-based but unlike similar titles, such as Call of Duty or Battlefield, Enlisted plays more like an MMO than a traditional multiplayer shooter.

One of Enlisted’s main selling points is its focus on historical accuracy. Weapons, vehicles, and battlefields have all been carefully recreated to give us a sense of the atmosphere of that era. Of course, you’ll still run into some inaccuracies here and there. However, Enlisted is definitely more realistic than most of its competitors.

Enlisted is available for free on all supporting platforms, which now include the PS4 and Xbox One. Simply visit the official website and sign up for an account to start playing.