World War 3 Is a Modern Multiplayer FPS with a Lot of Connectivity Problems

World War 3 Early Access

World War 3 is a new multiplayer FPS set in modern times. It was supposed to have an Early Access launch on Friday and it did, but it seems that it was way too early for this game. During the first day of launch, plenty of players experienced numerous problems, such as not being able to start a session or even connect to servers while others were thrown out of matches as soon as they begin.

The fact that World War 3 attracted a lot of players makes things only worse for The Farm 51, the studio that developed the game. If we are to judge by reviews left, up to 5,000 players have tested the game for now. The good news is that the studio is working on resolving the issues, but the problems have now been going on for days.

The situation was undoubtedly the worst on Friday when the bad connection experience led more than 50% of users to leave negative reviews. From then, the developers released several patches and they are constantly working on resolving the issues. However, the updates are only making the game experience better for some of the players and there is still no patch that will definitely resolve connectivity problems.

What Is World War 3?

World War 3 is a multiplayer military first-person shooter that aims to resemble real-life combat as much as possible. There are two game modes – Warzone and Recon with the first one being more dynamic and the other requiring a more tactical approach.

World War 3 Gameplay

The locations featured also resemble real-world areas, such as Moscow, Berlin, and Warsaw. The game features equipment and uniforms of national military forces and plays the card of national pride. You can also choose between numerous different weapons, skins, and paints, as well as vehicles.

Since the game just entered Early Access and that hasn’t gone well, it’s no wonder that we do not have a release date for a full version yet. The chances are that we will wait at least several months until this online shooter shines the way it should.

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