The Wii U had a short and unsuccessful cycle when it was created. Nintendo was managing both their 3DS market along with the then-upcoming preparations for the Switch. With that said, many games on the platform were lackluster and didn’t achieve what Nintendo envisioned. But beneath the rubble of it all came some shinning diamonds, games that really earned a second chance.

And I’m glad not to be the only one who thinks that way and also exhilarated that Wonderful 101 got what it deserved. A proper opportunity to show itself off once again, but with the next-gen tech behind it. So I’m happy to announce that Wonderful 101 is getting an official remaster. Let’s look at it a bit.

Why So Wonderful?

Platinum Games defined itself as a strong and independent studio, with such titles as Vanquish, Bayonetta, and Nier: Automata. It was more known for its high-octane and exhilarating action rather than for its cute names. Wonderful 101 stood out from the crowd mainly due to its influence. Taking inspiration from comic books, as well as the Viewtiful Joe series, it went out to create a unique twist on the hero genre. This is even more apparent when you consider that Hideki Kamiya designed both games using Viewtiful Joe as his chief source of creation.

So what is Wonderful 101? Well, to put it plainly, it’s an action-adventure hack-and-slasher where instead of controlling one specific hero, you would control a horde of them. To be precise, 101 heroes. Each with their own unique abilities and powers. The aim of the game is to recruit as many civilians as possible and turn them into these superpowered mini-heroes to fight alongside you.

The story is your typical Saturday morning cartoon. The cute Blossom City is under attack by aliens. So Wonderful-Red and Wonderful-Blue suit up, gear for action, and start recruiting others to their cause. The levels are mostly linear, but after each one, players get scored based on their performance. Standard stuff, but what made this game stand out is the way the player utilized all of its characters’ abilities to achieve that. You had your own personal Avengers team and a truly wonderful one at that.

A Blossoming Campaign

It was a fun distraction at the time, but never one that was considered for a remaster, until now. Last week, the Platinum team went on how they are opening a Kickstarter for a fresh take on the game. Intended to reach a goal of $50k for a Nintendo Switch release, they soon acquired more money than they hoped. Due to the high interest in the game, being supported by 23k people, Platinum shortly announced releases on additional platforms. With more money being rolled into the Kickstarter, additional content was also announced by the developer.

Most notably, Kamiya promises to include an additional 2D side-scrolling game based on Luka. A side character who appears multiple times in the game. That is, the character will be added if the campaign meets the goal of 1.5 million. Kamiya also went on stating how the game will update some important flaws. Most importantly, the UI which Kamiya stated “was a little off-putting or unoptimized, as some of the UI got in the way or just hindered the experience.”

Kamiya went on: “I think some UI elements aren’t as well optimized as we’d like them to be. Some players may have gotten confused during some gameplay mode changes where they didn’t know which button to press or what to do. These are the kinds of things we want to adjust to create a more intuitive and enjoyable experience for the player.”

If you wish to support this campaign, you can do so by going to this link right here. Until then, you can follow us for an in-depth review when it releases. Thanks to its successful crowdfunding campaign, Wonderful 101 will be released for the Switch, PC, and PS4. And it comes out on April of 2020, so be sure to keep track of this eye candy.

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