Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Sends BJ Blazkowicz To America

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus

The Sequel Gets More Gruesome

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus is the sequel to The New Order, which rebooted the series in 2014. In that game, you were placed in an alternate reality where the Second World War had been won by the Nazis. Furthermore, they even perfected a technology to create killer robots which run on fallen soldiers’ brains. Veteran soldier William Blazkowicz (B.J.) wakes up from a coma and decides to stop them. In that effort, he infiltrates a submarine, and the adventure even takes him to the Moon. The story of the previous installment was crazy beautiful, and the shooting was also great. So, what about the upcoming sequel The New Colossus? Does it have what it takes to fulfill the expectations? Is it better than other WW games like the new Call of Duty?

Wolfenstein 2 Gives Value To The Story

The first question I had in mind is where they would send B.J. after he already went to the Moon. Following ‘the simple answer is the best one’ formula, MachineGames decided to send him to one of the most frightening places on the Earth – the United States of America. The publisher Bethesda presented a demo of Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus in which, once again, Blazkowicz is in a coma. However, he now wakes up in a wheelchair, which doesn’t stop him from grabbing his gun and fighting his way through the corridors of what seems to be another Nazi facility.

Five minutes in, we meet a familiar face, the scientist Seth Roth (whose German Jewish origin isn’t an accident), who explains that B.J.’s kidneys are failing and body is starting to give up. That is the reason why our hero spends the majority of the game struggling to keep his health bar at about 50%. All this means that health boosts and armor will play a significant role if you are to stay alive.

The story is pretty deep, which can only be a bonus for a first-person shooter. The characters are also interesting and original. Frau Engel, a short-tempered Nazi lieutenant, and Sigrun, her overweight daughter, left the biggest impression in the demo we watched. The scene where they argue over a piece of cake and Engel makes fun of her daughter’s weight is priceless.

It Does Have Some Crazy Wonderful Potential

The mission we saw takes Blazkowicz into New Mexico, in a town called Roswell which is now occupied by Nazis. The resistance gives you some information and a fireman suit so that you could mask your nuclear bomb as a fire extinguisher (did I mention that the atomic weapon is portable?). The task is to find Papa Joe, who masquerades as a diner owner but is actually a collaborator. It probably didn’t come as strange that the floor of the restaurant leads to a tunnel which directly connects to a top-secret Nazi facility.

Wolfenstein 2 Gameplay

The objective becomes to place the nuclear bomb inside that base, where the Nazis have been conducting experiments with alien technology. That way you will make some mess and let those Nazi bitches know that the fight is on! That’s an important message to send because the residents of Roswell started to embrace their Nazi overlords as you can see when you meet a Ku Klux clan member who tries to speak German.

Think, Damn It!

Once we enter the tunnel, we see a Nazi on the side and kill him. However, that leads dozens of them to appear along with their robot dogs and some tank boys that are shooting lasers. Fortunately, that’s when we finally saw some action. The combat is still incredibly brutal, exciting and pleasing to the eye. Although the fight is fascinating, the truth is that you will need to master your skills if you want to shoot your way through the facility (or any other location, for that matter). We concluded that Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus tries to implement additional stealth elements and that we will also need to think and not only shoot.

Wolfenstein 2 The New Colossus System Requirments

For example, it will mean much more if you silence several Nazis that can pull the alarm than hundreds of them once they are already alarmed. Aside from that, you need to memorize where you ammo and medical kits are if you need to come back for them. That’s the secret of why The New Colossus is so good – the shooting segment is phenomenal, but the fact that there is more to it separates it from the pack.

Final Words

Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus has an excellent chance of becoming one of the gems of the FPS genre, especially in the WW scene. The combination of action and stealth, sophisticated story and the fact that the pace of the action is like you are in a Hollywood movie (a B-list one, but still) are all stuff that can make this game incredible. The New Colossus is set to release on 27 October 2017 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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