Brawl Stars Vs Clash Royale

7 Reasons Why You Should Play Brawl Stars Instead of Clash Royale

Supercell, the Finnish development team that produced numerous smartphone gaming hits, has a new release under the name Brawl Stars. The game was soft launched for iOS (it’s available in particular countries), and the Android version should be around the corner. The ones who played it are thrilled, so here are seven reasons why you should play Brawl Stars instead of Clash Royale.

It’s a Completely New Idea

At the time Clash Royale was released, it turned the market upside down and quickly topped the app stores. Despite that, you couldn’t neglect that it wasn’t a brand new IP, but rather a Clash of Clans spin-off. That didn’t stop other authors to copy CR and try to get a couple of bucks themselves using the same formula. We talked about this in our first impressions article, of which you can read more here.

Years after, we got a new MOBA Brawl Stars that manages to offer both a fresh IP and an original idea. And when we say a unique idea, we do mean it. In fact, I can’t remember playing anything similar to it on my phone. It does belong to the MOBA genre, but you could say that it’s a brave combo with a shooting game and some elements of RPG. Supercell is brave enough and has an adequate budget to afford these attempts. In case of Brawl Stars, it seems that they are on point and it’s shaping up to be an excellent game.


More Tactical Options

Playing against another human player (or a team) is the core of both Brawl Stars and Clash Royale. However, the new release has a crucial advantage over the previous one, and it lies in the lanes of approach. Unlike CR which only has two of them, Brawl Stars has no such restrictions. That means that you get to roam around the arena wherever you want.

That gives more option for different PvP play, including team and individual battles, which leads to more tactical options. You can choose from heading for the gems in the middle that can bring you victory or remain tactful and stay in the back to cover your teammates. There are virtually unlimited tactical permutations which add to the excitement and the replay value of Brawl Stars.

Larger Maps

Supercell would never release a game without putting maximum effort into developing it, and we are glad that things work like that with them. In Brawl Stars, they gave the arenas the attention they deserve, and that resulted in larger maps that are more interesting than ones in Clash Royale.

That maximizes the fact that you can freely roam around the map and shoot anywhere you like. You have to be careful because opponents can come from all sides. On the other hand, you can also use their lack of attention and find your way around back to surprise them from behind. If you want to learn more about these maps, then you should check this out.


Bigger Number of Players in the Arena

Clash Royale is a complex game with a bunch of content and details. Considering that it has only been released, Brawl Stars has some way to go until it reaches that level. However, its advantage lies in a different factor. The fact that the maps are big enables the presence of more players on it. That doesn’t mean that the arena gets crowded. It’s just the right measure needed for the combat to be incredibly exciting and fun.

The Factor of Cooperation

Clash Royale used to limit you to participating in individual battles against another human opponent. Brawl Stars takes things to the next level and enables team fights. Most of the modes consist of 3vs3 battles that emphasize the importance of working in cooperation with your teammates.

The goals are different depending on the mode, but they share one thing – you need to win. It seems that six players in the arena are the appropriate number and Brawl Stars nailed that, too. It doesn’t mean that enabling dozens of players to be on the map improves the fun factor and Supercell is aware of that. That’s why they went with 3vs3 battles that are incredibly enjoyable and dynamic.


High-Paced Action

Clash Royale can offer exciting matches, but it also focuses on strategy. But let’s face it; there aren’t games that get your heart racing as fast as action releases. Brawl Stars realizes that users these days look for some quick and immediate fun. That’s why most of the Brawl Stars game modes have been created with this idea in mind.

A match in Brawl Stars typically lasts for a couple of minutes and puts you into the action from the first second. You have to think on the fly and consider how to work with your teammates and how to defeat the opponents. A lot of things count for the final result, and that leads to incredibly quick action happening on the screen.

Better Graphics Than Clash Royale

Don’t get me wrong, CR had some neat graphics. However, as soon as you looked at the game, you knew that it was from Supercell. The character design game them away. In Brawl Stars, we may have similar fonts that the developers used in their previous games, but character animation has taken a step up.

Each of the characters has been designed carefully and even given a unique personality. The heroes in Brawl Stars look color, although they kept the brilliant vivid and cartoonish design. Aside from that, the battles look spectacular. Although a lot of things is happening on the screen, if you can stop and enjoy just for a second how everything looks like, you will be thrilled.


The Current Status of Brawl Stars

The game has been soft launched for iOS in June, which means it is available in some countries. You can take a look in the Apple App Store and check if it’s available for you to download. Brawl Stars is free to play, but there are in-game purchases available. The game is currently in beta phase so that certain bugs might happen.

As for the Android users, they need to have just a bit more patience. There is no official release date yet, but we expect Brawl Stars to be published in the Google Play Store soon. The good news is that, once that happens, it will officially mean that the full version of Brawl Stars is out.

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