What is Road Warriors – How to Play, Win and Make Upgrades

What is Road Warriors – How to Play, Win and Make Upgrades

If you think about the retro games that were popular in the first couple of decades of gaming, you will conclude that arcade releases were dominating the market at the time. True, it was partly because you couldn’t place all your hopes on realistic graphics and animations, but those were the simpler times when only gameplay decided about the quality of a release. That’s precisely the premise that the developers of Road Warriors stuck to when they made their arcade racer for the mobile market. If you are looking for games that are pure fun, easy to pick up (but not simple to master) and play, but also games that will cost you a bunch of your nerves, you should try it.

What Is Road Warriors?

Lucky Kat Studios is the company that created the new mobile release for both iOS and Android. It is a side-scrolling racer with the combat elements where there are no rules, and you need to use power-ups to speed up and weapons to destroy your enemies so that you can finish the race in the first place. Road Warriors is free to play, and you can download it through Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

There is One Goal – to Dominate!

You can’t expect an elaborate plot from an arcade release and Road Warriors is no exception. From the moment you start the game, you are placed on the race track. There is a (not so short) tutorial that will take you through all the game basics. The first thing that you will learn is that there are no breaks on your car. It will accelerate automatically, and your goal is to bypass all the obstacles and opponents on the track.

As for the things you can do, there is jumping that you can perform to avoid obstacles. It is done simply by swiping the screen up or down (either way works, although up would be logical). Here it becomes apparent that the controls are intuitive and straightforward, which makes it all the more fun to play Road Warriors.

Flip, Flip God Damn It!

The next move you will figure out is flipping. You do this by holding your finger on the display of your device. If you manage to perform a complete flip, you will get a speed boost that will enable you to reach the opponents in front of you quickly. However, the trick is to find the perfect spot to perform a backflip because you need to spend enough time in the air to complete it. In general, the suggestion that Road Warriors tutorial makes is to start on the uphill.

You can also shoot at the rival vehicles on the track. To do this, you need to get close to them (they need to appear on the screen). The next move is to select the vehicle you want to shoot at, and it will lead to the action zooming in on display. Now, you just need to tap the rival’s car a couple of times, and voila, you’ve destroyed it!

Rivals Will Shoot at You, Too

You won’t be safe at any moment while racing in Road Warriors. First of all, rivals will also shoot at you (although this doesn’t happen too often), which means that the smart thing to do is to destroy them first. Aside from that, you will have obstacles on the road such as rocks. You will need to jump over them or secure a boost to break them.

Road Warriors Combat

Enemies will shoot at you too!

The car you are driving in Road Warriors is prone to damage. Aside from the factors mentioned above, you can also hit the ground when wrongly performing a flip. Depending on the severity of the blow, your vehicle might be just damaged or destroyed at once. In the latter case, you will need to start the race all over. There is a total of 23 opponents on every track, and you will need to be faster than all of them to reap the maximum rewards at the end of the race.

Road Warriors Offers a New Race Every Day

Lucky Kat Studios decided for an interesting concept when it comes to offering new races in Road Warriors. The developers went with the idea to release a new course every day, which practically means that the game is continually being updated.

Road Warriors Daily Race

A new race is added every day

Each of the races has a total of five sections until the finish line and four checkpoints where you will have the chance to take a break. These checkpoints can also be used as saving points from which you can continue the race in case of getting wrecked. However, unlocking a checkpoint will cost you 100 coins, which is an in-game currency. That is not cheap, which is why I recommend you to take a look at the some Road Warriors cheats on the internet.

Coins Are Everywhere, but It’s Still Not Enough

Coins are the in-game currency in Road Warriors, and you use them to buy various things within the game. You can collect them on the tracks while driving and you will also get a bonus for completing the course. Despite that, you can never have too many coins in Road Warriors because there are a lot more places to spend them.

Besides unlocking checkpoints, you will use coins in the garage where you can tune up your car before the race or when you are at a saving position. There are various upgrades regarding car parts. You can unlock some of them with your perfect driving skills, but most of them should be bought with coins, which is nothing but a way of enticing you to spend some real cash.

Over 50 Races and Counting

Considering that Road Warriors was released at the beginning of July, there are over 50 tracks available at the moment with a new one being added every day. Yes, that means that you can play the courses from previous games, but that comes at a cost. You will need to watch a free video or pay some coins. In general, the advertisements are all over the place in the game, which is why a boost of coins is more than desired.

Enjoy the Game to the Fullest

If you have used the online coins generator, you will be able to use the potential of Road Warriors to the fullest. And believe me, there is quite of a lot that this game has to offer. I like the amazing graphics that are beautiful, but still, remind of the simpler times I mentioned at the start of the article. The car models, as well as the settings and even the fonts used, are pixelated, and all remind of retro racers that older players surely remember.

Why You Use A Bigger Display?

Although Road Warriors will perform without any issues even on older models of iOS and Android devices, it’s recommended to use a new one. The reason is simple; newer gadgets have bigger screens. That enables you to see more of the screen, making it easier to notice the obstacles and rivals that appear on the tracks.

The controls might be simple, but it’s not easy to keep everything under control in Road Warriors. Sometimes things will be happening too fast, and you will lose a life simply because it’s not possible to react so quickly. Using bigger displays decreases the possibility of this happening.

Final Words

Road Warriors is a game that puts addictiveness and gameplay in the first place. It’s incredibly fun to try yourself on multiple tracks available and shoot up some opponents while making sure that your vehicle remains in one piece. It doesn’t come without its shortcomings, but Road Warriors is an arcade racer that you definitely should try, especially because it is free to play.

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