Weedcraft Inc. Will Put You in Charge of Marijuana Business

Weedcraft Inc Release Date

We do not want to discuss whether marijuana should be legal, and what’s your stance on the issue. Regardless of what do you think about legalizing marijuana, perhaps you should keep an open mind and play a game about developing marijuana-based business. According to Eurogamer, Weedcraft Inc, a marijuana tycoon game, is scheduled to release on April 11th.

The developers are the guys from Devolver Digital. If you are a fan of the indie scene, you probably know some of their titles, such as Reigns: Game of Thrones, Block’Hood VR, and Ape Out.

Together with Vile Monarch, they will now take on a touchy theme, probably because they also want to stir some controversy and attract attention to their release.

In its core, Weedcraft Inc. will be a tycoon release, which means your task will be to take care of all the sides of developing a business. You will have to know a bit about manufacturing marijuana because you will need to pick the preferred strains, nutrients, and even the growing environment. Your task will be to achieve the best possible quality of the product and maximize your sales.

Devolver will try to depict the current situation on the marijuana market realistically. That means you will have the chance to do everything legally, but the game will still leave enough room to be a shady and illegal marijuana operation. It is, however, getting the right licenses that will enable you to distribute marijuana for medical purposes legally.

Business Won’t be Easy

As an added layer of realism, you can expect encounters with different regulations, politicians, and even the police. The idea, as the team reveals, is to demonstrate a mature approach and handle the theme with care.

Weedcraft Inc will feature scenarios that will be story driven. Some plots will put you in the role of an individual businessman running the business from the basement while others will task you of heading a huge company that has the power to influence the entire market (by bribing the politicians).

We suggest checking out the official Steam page for more information. You can take a look at screenshots and video footage there. When it comes to the price, Devolver decided that the game will cost $19.99 once it releases.

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