We The Revolution

We. The Revolution – An Incredible Game about Courtroom Drama

If you prefer games with strong narration that require a lot of quick thinking and making the right choices, you will love We. The Revolution. No, there is no mistake with the full stop as that is the exact name of the new game that we are expecting on March 21st, 2019. You can add it to your wish list on Steam now.

There is no doubt that We. The Revolution sounds like an incredibly intriguing game that bravely analyzes even some touchy subjects, such as religious persecution and sexual assault. The timeline for the game is the French Revolution, so the end of the 19th century. You will be playing as a judge in a court in Paris.

These were the tricky times where the Reign of Terror legally convicted thousands of people to death. As a judge, your goal will be to seek and secure justice. That, however, will not always be easy. When you first analyze the case, everything will seem clear and you will be certain conviction will bring justice.

But then the case begins, you notice that the defendant is filled with guilt and even the members of your family are asking you to free them. You also shouldn’t forget the public pressure, as well as the desires of the government that is nothing but merciless. Will you have the strength to stay with the initial decision or you will change your mind?

This is the idea of We. The Revolution. It explores how complicated it is for the judges to make the right decision, especially at specific times such as the French Revolution. Despite all pressures and everyone’s opinions, you are the one that needs to decide whether the crime merits the guillotine, imprisonment, or there is no crime and all and you should acquit the poor guy.

The game is being developed by Polyslash, a studio from Poland that is fairly new and focuses on making relatively modest-sized games. They do not have a huge budget at their disposal, but the illustrations and graphics seem attractive.

The release date was revealed for PC, but Nintendo Switch owners can also expect a release for their console shortly after. There is no indication whether the game will be available for Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

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