We Happy Few: A indie game that gets adapted into a movie

We Happy Few

A unique game with a great concept

Have you heard of the new, cool survival game We Happy Few? If the answer is no, it’s about time to get to know it because this title will probably turn into a movie!

Yes, you’ve heard it right. This indie title could be joining far more popular games such as Hitman, Assassin’s Creed and Resident Evil, which were all utilized by the movie industry. We Happy Few attracted the interest of dj2 Entertainment and Gold Circle Entertainment, who both believe that it can adapt it into an interesting movie plot.

Turning We Happy Few Into a Movie

However, this is all just an idea at the moment because the script still needs to be written. Guillaume Provost, the head developer of the Compulsion Games who created We Happy Few, confirmed the interest of dj2 Entertainment. “They approached us with a wish to adapt our game into a movie, and they had some excellent ideas. They assured me that they would keep the main themes and the dark humor which made We Happy Few famous,” said Provost.

The enthusiasm is also significant at the dj2 Entertainment, whose CEO Dmitri Johnson stated that they would be careful with the script. “We want to make sure that our movie is faithful to the source material, but at the same time we want to surprise the fans.”

We Happy Few Gameplay

An Experienced Team

Dj2 Entertainment has a great experience when it comes to adapting video games into movies. They are currently producing films based on Sonic the Hedgehog and Sleeping Dogs. They’ve also worked on Hawken and Skulls of the Shogun series. Their experience is something that encourages us to think that they will do a good job.

However, we do have to admit that the decision to choose We Happy Few is pretty surprising. Yes, the game is pretty popular and eagerly awaited, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is still in the early access phase on Steam. We know that the only video games that get turned into movies are franchises that already generated a lot of success (and revenue) in the gaming industry. That makes the decision to choose a relatively unknown indie game even more strange. In the end, it all depends on how the producers will do the job. We’ve been witnesses of some great movie adaptations from video games (Warcraft), as well as some who failed to live up to the standards (second part of the Mortal Kombat series).

So, What Is the Game Like?

One thing you cannot neglect is that We Happy Few is a very creative title that has great potential. The trailer published at the E3 conference in 2016 generated a lot of attention, and this indie game is actually one of the highly anticipated games of 2017. It’s not that hard to see why players around the world loved it. We Happy Few is beautiful and terrifying at the same time and weird enough to be original and exciting. If you could describe the game in one sentence, you would say that it is a survival horror with a retro sci-fi premise which requires you to think in order to complete the game.

What Did the Demo Show Us?

The plot takes place in an alternate reality in the 1960s England. You can see in the prolog that the world was in some war and the entire population got enslaved thanks to Joy, a mood-altering drug. You will play as Arthur, a regular guy from Wellington Wells who works as a censor for the government. One day, while in charge of deciding which articles will remain unpublished because they contain unpleasant truths, you will have an epiphany. You will dodge your dose of the drug, and soon everything will go to hell.

We Happy Few Characters

The next thing you see will be an underground shelter, where you will meet the Downers, other people who refused their dose of Joy. This is where you will start your adventure with the primary goal of staying alive. You will need to scavenge for food and craft various things to avoid dying of hunger, thirst, tiredness or sickness.

Stay Alive

Although that’s not the main plot of the game, it won’t be easy to figure out how to survive in the weird We Happy Few world. You will spend a lot of time making sure that you return safely to your hideout every night. It will be hard to keep your sleep, food and water gauges at a satisfying level, so expect to spend a considerable amount of time simply surviving. Aside from staying alive, you will have various objectives and side quests to fulfill for the plot to move forward.


In the beginning phase, you won’t see the creepy masked citizens you’ve noticed if you’ve seen screenshots or watched the trailer. All you will see is a bunch of sad people protecting the stashes in their war-ravaged homes. Stealth is a crucial part of the game, although you can always choose to fight the opponents. However, this might not be the right decision to make, especially if you are up against a group of people with clubs and sticks. It won’t take you long to discover that, despite you share a similar destiny, the Downers are everything but your friends.

After you get used to the game’s rhythm, you will find that We Happy Few is an engaging game with exciting missions. For example, you will need to cross the bridge to get away from the ghetto. Different side quests will enable you to acquire different materials and blueprints, which will allow you to craft better equipment.

Clothes Make the Man

The way you dress is imperative in We Happy Few. The reason is simple – if you dress accordingly, it will be much easier to infiltrate the areas of the city where regular joyous citizens live. That’s when you will notice the infamous masked faces that thrilled everyone who watched the game’s trailer. The portrayal of drugged citizens is fantastic – they have their creepy masks, and their steps are unnatural. Despite the fact that they look happy, they will attack you if they notice you are not one of them. Yes, it’s true – you have no friends in Wellington Wells. A single person on his own against a drugged bunch of happy citizens and a group of miserable and crazy Downers. Oh, yeah, you should also avoid the poisonous smog, so prepare never to be safe wherever you are.

The biggest advantage of the game is the setting. The graphics are incredibly stylish, and the portrayal of each character includes a lot of details. We tried to consider the fact that the game is still in the early access phase. There are shortcomings, such as the fact that you will encounter some repetitive dialogues while you play. On the other hand, Compulsion Games revealed that Arthur is not the only character you will lead throughout the game, so expect several heroes with their own unique stories. We look forward to exploring this unique twisted world from different perspectives. Furthermore, this led us to believe that the developers intentionally discovered just a bit of this amazing world in their Early Access game. After all, that is exactly what they say on the game’s page on Steam.

When and Where?

Compulsion Games undeniably created a perfect in-game world for We Happy Few. That is why we are honestly rooting for this game, and we hope that it will turn out just the way we wanted. There are moments in the Early Access version when you really feel the tension of this twisted city where everyone is drugged (or crazy) and you don’t feel safe anywhere.

Early Access

According to Steam, the developers don’t intend to keep the game as early access for much longer. The release date of the early access version was July 2016. Back then the developers said that we can expect the full version within twelve months. For now, the game is only available on PC, although XBox players will also have the chance to play it once the game launches. We are keeping our fingers crossed that fans around the world will be truly happy once they try the full version of the We Happy Few and that we won’t need to take our dose of Joy to put smiles on our faces while playing the game.

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