Warframe: Fortuna Coming This Week, Adding A Whole New Zone and other Features

Warframe Fortuna

We can finally expect Warframe Fortuna update in the coming days. Ever since the announcement, the fans were looking forward to the next open-world addition to the game and we will finally get the chance to play it. According to the developers, we can expect an entirely new zone Orb Vallis located on Venus.

The players will be able to grind, jump, and surf their K-Boards. If you take a look at the trailer and the screenshots, you can see that the area includes systems of caves, as well as a vendor-filled hun town with neon lights and Corpus facilities below ground.

When it comes to crafting, we are expecting new firearms. One of the coolest addition is Kitguns which will be developed by Solaris United, an entirely new faction now available in Fortuna. Once you want to take a break from raids and bounties, there will some other interesting things to do, including capturing animals, fishing, and mining. Many players consider that this may be the sleekest addition to the expansion.

The Queen of Gore Is Here

Aside from the Fortuna update, we will get to chance to see a completely new Warframe called Garuda. She seems to be thirsty for blood and we mean that literally as her main motivation is stealing blood. Garuda is doing that from everyone, including herself and utilizes that to inflict damage. If you press the right button, she can also rip opponents in half.

Warframe Garuda

The developers made an announcement that may have something to do with future challenges.

“Huge robot spiders are patrolling the enemy’s bases in the form of four quadrants. You may also find various sizes of these robo-spiders throughout the huge terrain,” revealed Digital Extreme. It seems that the players should be afraid of waking up these spiders and that is what may happen in the challenges to come.

Let us remind you that Warframe is completely free. The same applies to the new expansion Fortuna and you can obtain both through Steam. As we said, we are expecting the add-on this week, but we do not know the exact date when it will appear.

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