War Dragons Review – Breeding Dragons Won’t Stop Being Fun Anytime Soon

War Dragons Review1

Pocket Gems used to be famous for releasing gentle games intended for casual players, such as Tap Pet Hotel or Paradise Cove. However, that changed in 2015 when they unveiled a smartphone 3D strategy called War Dragons. Ever since then, the game has kept a high place in both app stores, and it managed to secure over 5,000,000 downloads only on Android.

What Is War Dragons?

War Dragons is a freemium smartphone strategy with 3D graphics. The primary motive of the game is, as suggested by the title, dragons. However, unlike other games from this developer, this is a serious and a bit dark game. You will collect and breed dragons for the sole purpose of destructing the enemies and their bases.

Everything starts on an island where your headquarters will be located. Here the simulation part of the game will unfold. You need to construct objects like the hatchery, defensive towers, as well as the infrastructure necessary to collect resources. It’s the familiar concept you’ve already seen dozens of times. However, it’s the battle that has kept thousands of players hooked on this game for years.

Fly, Oh Mighty Dragon, Fly!

There is a single-player campaign in the game, but it will mostly serve you to find out how things work and prepare for the real multiplayer battles. The online mode features PvP combat where you get to ride your dragon and destroy everything on the ground by breathing fire (and not only that since some dragons have other unique destruction skills).

War Dragons Base Attack

However, you need to watch your energy meter because the firepower of your dragon is not unlimited. The bar will start filling up as soon as you stop shooting, which is the crucial strategy element you need to include if you want to win the battle.

Why is War Dragons so Successful?

We believe that the reasons why the game achieved incredible success since appearing are trifold – beautiful graphics, a variety of dragons, and the effort put in by the developers. The first thing that you will notice when you start playing is the stunning aesthetics. Pocket Gems used the Mantis engine when developing the game, which proved to be the right move.

War Dragons Gameplay

Although you need to take into account the fact that it is a free mobile title, WD features as beautiful graphics as it is possible on smartphones. The animation of dragons is in full 3D, and everything runs smoothly, which is why we suggest that you test the game on larger displays.

More Than 100 Beasts to Choose From

At this moment, the game features more than 100 dragons that you can breed on your island. Each of them is unique in its look, class, attacking abilities, and the spells they can cast. The authors were creative when it comes to dragon design, and you can expect to encounter some familiar species, but there are also unknown monsters whose name you will hear for the first time.

War Dragons Epic Dragon

You could probably assume that you can’t do much without joining forces with other lords of dragons in the game. That opens the door to the social aspect of the game, which plays a vital role in success. You can join an existing guild or create one for your friends only to take on the world. However, don’t forget that protecting your base is also crucial. With so many things to unlock in this game, progressing might become difficult without spending money, that’s why we recommend that you retain yourself from spending too much.

War Dragons Is Regularly Updated

The current version of the game is 3.73.0 which should give you an idea of how constant the developers are when it comes to updating the game. They make sure to listen to the community and their feedback to iron all the issues. However, they also ensure to provide new content on a regular basis. Just several days ago, they included three new dragons inspired by the Halloween theme to the mix (werewolf, gargoyle, and mummy-themed).

It’s the constant updating that ensures the game to stay fresh and keep the players’ interest. That especially goes for releases that you can’t say are unique. After all, you can find dozens of titles similar to War Dragons for mobile phones. But not many of them managed to secure a proper combo of combat and town simulation. Add to that the fact that the servers are working flawlessly and losing connection can never happen while you are playing and you’ve got yourself a game worth taking a look. If you feel like giving a shot to it, you can find it in the Google Play Store or the Apple’s App Store. Remember, it is free to play, but there are in-app purchases that might make things tricky after a while.

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