Steam Removing Video Section to Further Focus on Gaming

Steam Video Section

Steam has been the dominating gaming distribution platform for years. However, his leading position has now been compromised by the Epic Games store. It is an ongoing battle between the two companies, and it seems that Valve is making adjustments that will keep its focus on the gaming industry. The latest in the line of those modifications is the decision to retire the Video section from Steam.

Although there will be no more videos on Steam, those who already bought them do not have to worry – they will still have that footage in their library. Valve explains that they performed an extensive review of what the users of the Steam watch. The conclusion was that they should focus on gaming content, as well as accessories related to gaming.

The company admits that they want to refocus, which is why they are retiring the Video section. In addition to that, you won’t be able to search for videos or use recommendations and user tags to access them. Valve explains that a considerable portion of non-gaming videos will be retired over the next couple of days. We can expect the videos to disappear from the store completely, and the only thing remaining will be the collection of footage that customers already purchased.

The Battle is On

When it comes to the field of gaming, Epic managed to inflict some serious damage to Steam. The Division 2 and Metro Exodus are only some of the premium titles exclusively available there, and indie gems like Journey and Ashen will also be available via Epic.

You can find games that migrated from Steam to Epic because of better conditions for the publishers and developers. It is time for Valve to hit back, and it seems that they are starting by getting rid of the sections that were unnecessarily spending their resources.

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