Game-Changing Vaulting Mechanic Coming to PUBG in the Next Update

PUBG Vault Update

As if they didn’t change the experience enough when they made the blue zone more lethal, the developers of PUBG announced that another crucial game-changer is making its way to their game. The next big adjustment will be the implementation of vaulting. Although Bluehole Studios denied that they would make that possible a couple of months ago, Brendan Greene himself confirmed that the change should soon hit the test servers.

“When we first designed PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, we didn’t have jumping or vaulting in mind. We considered that the world wasn’t created for people to be vaulted around,” said Greene.

However, PUBG evolved into one of the most popular games on the market, and that allowed the team to make adjustments to their plans.

“I didn’t consider vaulting to be particularly relevant to the overall gaming experience, so we left it out from the Early Access launch. However, considering that the game grew beyond all our expectations, we believe that this will be an exciting change that will severely change the game.” If you’re still not playing PUBG then check out this article to find out how you can acquire a free key.

How Will the Vaulting Feel?

Answering this question, Greene said that the feeling would be similar to the ones player have when playing Battlefield. However, the authors are aware that PUBG is unpolished an unfinished release. That is why they expect some weird things to happen.

“It wouldn’t be surprising if our new vaulting mechanic occasionally launches players into the air like Superman.”

According to reports, the testers will get the chance to try the new feature next week.

There IS a PUBG Lore

It turns out that the PlayerUnknown created a backstory when he designed the island where all the in-game magic happens. However, it doesn’t seem that we will have the chance to get to know it anytime soon.

“I had an exciting idea to build-up on the lore and create both single-player and co-op campaigns with cool plots. But we don’t have any time or resources, and that is not in our plans now.”

PUBG Creator did confirm to Gamespot that the team is trying to secure cross-platform play for later this year when the game gets its Xbox One release.

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