Valve Unveils New Portal Game; Don’t Get Your Hopes up Yet

Bridge Constructor Portal

The gaming fans that are a bit older remember that Valve used to make a bunch of excellent games. They focused more on distribution platforms lately, but we are glad that they haven’t forgotten their roots. Their latest announcement is an intriguing one – we can expect the new Portal game in less than two weeks! Alas, it’s not the next installment in the franchise, but an exciting crossover with Bridge Constructor.

In fact, if we are going to be completely honest, this is an expansion of the BC series. We are sure that this will delight those who love Bridge Constructor (or both games), but there is no reason for Portal fans not to be thrilled, too. They will have a chance to jump into something entirely different than what they are used on with the franchise.

Just like previous PC installments, the game will present a series of physics-based puzzles that you need to complete. Every challenge will be under the careful watch of GLaDOS, the AI computer we all know and love. Aperture Laboratory, the development team behind this game, secured all required licenses from Valve, which means that we will be seeing numerous elements from Portal in their new release.

Up to this point, we managed to discover turrets and portals that remind of wormholes, but they had us at GlaDOS anyway. Valve made sure to oversee the entire process and offer help in developing. The fans might not get the next sequel in the franchise soon, but this is also an excellent way to celebrate Portal’s 10-year anniversary. Can you believe that it has been a decade since the original game was released? It has also been seven years since the second sequel, but don’t get your hopes up about the third one.

In fact, it was in 2013 when Valve released a full-length PC game (you might remember it, it’s called Dota 2). Earlier in February, the company revealed that they have been working on three VR games. However, we haven’t heard any new information about it ever since then.

As for the Bridge Constructor Portal, it will release on December 20 for PC, Linux, and Mac. Console owners will get the chance to play it in early 2018, and mobile adaptations will also follow soon. You can watch the announcement trailer here.

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