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Valheim Got A Massive Rebalance Update – Hearth & Home Patch Notes


Weapon rebalances, quality of life changes, and more building options. Valheim just keeps on growing, and it's exciting to see

For those of you who missed it. Valheim is one of the best games released in 2021. Well, maybe that is a tad bit generous. But it is still something very special. It is a brutal survival and exploration game, for up to 10 players. Set in a procedurally generated world based on nordic mythology and culture. With key features such as a deep combat system, based on dodging, timed shield blocks, and timing your every swing carefully. All while managing food buffs, health, and stamina. Scavenging, building, farming, and sailing are all part of the game too. Not to mention its badass boss fights that progress our equipment.

Valheim Patch 0.202.14 (HEARTH & HOME) – Patch Notes

General Improvements:

  • Weapons rebalanced – All weapon types have been tweaked to be viable as a main weapon, promoting unique playstyles in the process
  • Blocking system overhaul – The higher your current maxium hp, the bigger the blows you can block. Also a stagger bar UI was added, to inform you when enemies will break your block. I hope in the future parrying enemy attacks gets looked at too, as it trivializes most challanges in the game while not requiring an awful lot of skill
  • You can now name tamed creatures. All tamed creatures will also be affected by your friendly fire settings
  • Some graphics settings got changed, mostly to do with the game’s lighting. Some players take issue with this game opimization, as it dosen’t run well on some PCs. This is most likely a step in fixing those issues

Food rebalances:

  • Food rebalanced to now give you either stamina, or health, not both. Promoting the usage of varying ingridients, and types of food.
  • 12 new food items added
  • The developers stated they don’t want to add any bosses to the game untill they are happy with how food plays into the gameplay

World and Items:

  • New seeds: Onions, Birch & Oak
  • New enemy type: Slime. Bundled with new “slimy” locations.
  • New items: Crystal battleaxe, Silver knife, Iron buckler, Bone tower shield, and Butcher knife
  • The Butcher knife is an unique tool, designed to kill your tamed animals even if friendly fire settings prevent you form doing that


  • New dark wood building pieces
  • New types of furniture, including a viking hot tub for you and your buddies
  • Cartography table – which enabled sharing your explored map data with other players
  • Oven – for baking new foodstuffs
  • Obliterator – for disposal of trash
  • And more!

As you can clearly see, quite a few items have made their way into Valheim. Quite a few updates have also hit the game in the 9 months that it has been in development. Doubly so, considering that the team behind it consists of 10 people. We are excited as to what The Iron Gate Team will bring to the table next!