Unheard Stars a Detective That Solves Cases Based on Sound

Unheard The Game

It is an obvious hyperproduction of games these days and it is exceptionally tough to be original and innovative. It may be weird, but the indie developers that don’t belong to the biggest studios are usually innovation leaders in the industry.

In the world of visuals, one game just decided to go to an entirely different direction and focus on sounds. So, instead of focusing on what you see, you will be focusing on what you hear. And there will be a lot of things to hear in Unheard, the new detective game that was announced earlier today.

Unheard puts you in the shoes of a detective that has numerous cases to solve. There is a wide range of dialogues and other audio clues available. You will be tasked to solve cases by focusing on that, which is a rather innovative approach to solving mysteries and the entire adventure genre. We can’t remember that any other game before has tried something similar.

A Different Way of Enjoying a Story

The main character is a “sound hunter.” It is a detective from the future that has the ability to time travel, but the problem is that he an impaired sensory apparatus. The only sense he can rely on is sound. This is how you will need to figure out what happened at the crime scene, starting from the basics of how it even looks and who was present there. From that point, you will be moving to build up the case and establish relationships between characters and so on.

Although there will be separate cases, each of them will be connected in a way that you will have to discover in the end. Sounds intriguing, but we won’t be able to try Unheard until 2019. Fortunately, the developers announced the release for the first quarter of the next year, although no exact date was confirmed.

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