Ubisoft was always a studio known for trying to go all out and create the best and most grandiose titles. In the eyes of many, they ended up being a franchise milker, cashing in on whatever is currently popular. And the same can be said for their upcoming releases. The company went public recently, giving the crowd a few details on what to expect and what not to.

Naturally, we were present, hoping to get a glance at the next exciting thing they might be cooking up. Only to be reaffirmed, that much like any AAA company, its interests are more towards their established franchises rather than a new game. Still, we’re here to cover them, share with you what the company has been up to, and what is its strategy moving forward.

Beyond Good and Delayed

One thing we were assured of is that Beyond Good and Evil 2 isn’t coming out anytime soon. Teased way back in 2017, this action-adventure prequel gets shown less and less with each passing year. At last year’s E3 the company didn’t even showcase any footage of the game, so the big question is, will it this year? The company also stated that while demands for a new Splinter Cell game have been noted, they will not consider it anytime soon.

Meanwhile, there weren’t any hints of a potential Prince of Persia reboot, even though last month the creator of the series tweeted that he plans to revisit the franchise. Unfortunately, we already know what this year’s E3 is going to look like, specifically when it comes to the Ubisoft convention. Though surprises can still come our way.


Assassins Creed is once again at the top of their list of preferred licenses. After the above-average reception of Odyssey, fans await the next move in this action-stealth game series. Word of the title taking its setting to the Nordic lands have circulated and confirmed by the studio last month. The core gameplay of Odyssey is set to make a return, with even more emphasis on progression. However, some came out spreading rumors that the game is also going for a more cooperative experience, focusing primarily on multiplayer. A bold move, but one that we still need more info on to fully confirm.

I Am Legion

One thing we hope to see at E3 is another showcasing of Watch Dogs Legion, which seems very likely at this point. While the first game didn’t deliver on many promises, the second one gave players a much more delightful encounter. Naturally, Ubisoft will expand upon it, adding more features. Most notably, a recruitment mechanic in which players can recruit any number of NPCs to join their hacking cause. This will eventually lead to you micromanaging each NPC, and should anything happen to them, it will influence the course of the game. More will be revealed at the expo, so we will go more in-depth once we find out additional details.

A Far Cry From The Olden Days

At the beginning of February, Ubisoft made a statement regarding the releases of their future titles. The company made it clear that they intend to release at least 3 games in 2020 from October through December. Assassins Creed Ragnarok, as it is called, will probably see a 2021 release, along with another title. Five games in total. Ubisoft went ahead and addressed the potential game that might soon come to fruition. Judging by what they hinted at, it looks like they will take one more jab at the Far Cry franchise. After the immeasurable sales of Far Cry V and New Dawn, the studio expressed a desire to expand upon the series and take it even farther. We, for instance, would like another game like Blood Dragon. Now, that would be cool.

What Else To Expect

That leaves us with only 2 more games for Ubisoft to cover. The question is, which ones? Could it be that they are aiming for a brand new IP? It has been some time since a new game emerged from the company. If not, maybe they plan on revisiting some of their older franchises. Rayman definitely fits this category, and with significant time-laps since the last release, it might be a perfect opportunity. Then again, Ubisoft has also focused their efforts on updating their most popular multiplayer death-match, For Honor. With new heroes and expansions coming each season, it might be that they plan a significant update to the game. Or perhaps a sequel. Regardless, they wouldn’t make such a daring announcement without backing it up. And more might be revealed during E3.

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