Should We Expect Total War: Warhammer III Soon?!

Total War Warhammer 3

If you are a fan of the Total War franchise, you are probably waiting for the next DLC for TW: Warhammer II. The name of the expansion is the Curse of the Vampire Coast and it is scheduled to release on November 7th.

These seem to be great days for the fans of the series as we recently received some great news. According to the announcement in the post on the Total War blog, it seems that another game is in the development!

If you carefully read the blog, you will discover that a particular item is now in its pre-production period. Although they haven’t revealed the name of the new release, the gaming community is largely talking that it could be the Total War: Warhammer III!

When you think about it, it is not an impossible scenario. With the next scenario due in just a couple of weeks, it seems only natural that we could expect the announcement of a new game. It also looks like a logical move for the developers not wanting to put the Vampire Coast in the shade, which is why everything that we got so far is a teaser.

The authors of the post admit that they have more information, but they are not allowed to share it yet. According to them, the reveal won’t be soon, but we should all “trust in Sigmar.”

What About Total War: Three Kingdoms?

In the same blog post, the authors discuss Three Kingdoms, which will be released about five months from now (March 7th, 2019). This addition to the Total War brings some interesting changes to how management of the empire and diplomacy works. The authors also implemented relationships of characters and enabled that factor to influence the battles and the campaign.

The developers also emphasize that they worked on the movement of the troops, especially infantry. Once you issue them orders, you can notice that they are moving more ‘humanely’ now. According to the blog, as soon as the expansion for Warhammer II releases, we will know more about Three Kingdoms and maybe even see an official trailer.

In the meantime, click here if you want to purchase Vampire Coast DLC.

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