Total War: Three Kingdoms Pushed Back for a May Release

Total War Three Kingdoms

We have some bad news for all the fans of Total War out there. The new addition to the franchise under the name of “Three Kingdoms” has been delayed. Its release date was pushed back for more than two months. Instead of releasing on March 7th, it will hit the digital shelves on May 23rd.

Creative Assembly’s brand director Rob Bartholomew revealed this in the new development update on the official website of the game. As expected, he mentioned that the developers are working on something truly special, which will take a bit more work.

Bartholomew explained that the studio aims to achieve a whole new complexity level with Total War: Three Kingdoms. The developers are implementing new systems into the game, and they need a bit more time to ensure everything is working properly. Creative Assembly promises that the players will be glad they were patient once they get the chance to try the game.

If anything, Bartholomew honestly revealed that the studio would use the extra two months to fix bugs that may be hard to reveal, as well as properly translate the game into other languages. He emphasized that the details are something that can make a difference in the end, which is why they are not leaving anything to chance.

“We are in a situation to be able to postpone the game so that we can get everything right. Our team wants to focus on delivering a great gaming experience for all our fans. We refused to stick to the given release date so that we won’t deliver an unpolished game. While we are aware some fans will be unhappy with this decision, we firmly believe that is the right move for both the players and the game,” said Bartholomew.

Many studios use the excuse that they are polishing the game when pushing back the release date. However, the developers explained what that means in case of Total War: Three Kingdoms.

“Our team is scanning the entire game and looking for any little or big thing that we can upgrade. We want to ensure a smooth transition between battle animations, ensure that all the localization issues are resolved, and even make sure that the lighting is appropriate.”

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