The Free Open Week for Total War: Arena Has Just Started

The Total War franchise has been around for over a decade, and it might be hard to keep track of all the installments in the series. However, there was one edition that attracted our attention when it was announced. Everything sounded great – it was the first free-to-play TW title that should focus entirely on multiplayer. It turns out the announcement occurred over four years ago, and the news about Total War: Arena was nowhere to be found from then.

Up until now! According to the official website, the game just went out of the closed beta phase, which means that it is ready to open its doors to the players around the world. They officially called the testing the “Open Week,” although it will last for ten days. The action already started on November 24th at 4 AM PT and will continue until December 4th at 1 AM PT.

During that time, the players will be able to play Total War: Arena for free. The only thing you will need is to sign up for a account, which only takes a couple of minutes. You also need to download the Game Center, which is the software you will use to get the game. We are sure that it’s not your first time with a tool like that and we are confident that you can find your way to downloading the new TW easily. If you do have any issues, take a look at the FAQ on the official forum.

What Can You Expect in Total War: Arena?

The game is focused solely on online multiplayer experience. All battles are between two armies of 10 members. Each of the players selects three units and a commander to take onto the battlefield. The leaders have different abilities that you can choose based on your playing style. Each of the commanders, as well as their skills, is based on personalities from real history.

There are also bonuses that you can expect during the open week. For example, until November 27 you will get a boost in Silver and XP for each fight that you play. After that, the bonus will be for winning the battle, and it will be a 100% boost in both XP and silver. During the entire Open Week, you will get a bonus for playing in a party.

There is no official release date for the full version of Total War: Arena.

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