Most Anticipated Games February 2019

Top 6 Most Anticipated Games in February 2019

Although it starts in good spirits, January knows to be the longest month of the year when it comes to the subjective feeling. Fortunately, February is finally here, and it promises many good games across all platforms. Here are top six most anticipated releases for the upcoming month.


Whether you like Electronic Arts or not, you cannot deny that they make AAA releases that are often nothing short of impressive. BioWare, one of their development studios, is working on Anthem, an online mixture of shooters and RPGs. The release is scheduled for February 22nd, but if you already preordered the game, you can already play the private beta. As for the full version, plenty of grinding and microtransactions are expected.

Far Cry: New Dawn

The next instalment in the Ubisoft’s Far Cry franchise will put you in a single-player campaign against Lou and Mickey, dangerous and lunatic twins. The set timeline is a long time after the events in Far Cry 5. The game won’t have multiplayer modes or DLC (probably), which means the developers can focus on delivering an amazing story.

Metro Exodus

The game was in the spotlight recently as it migrated from Steam to Epic Store. Metro Exodus didn’t need all that hype as there is already enough anticipation around it. The latest sequel promises to keep the good old formula of Nazis, communists, and “normal people” fighting and trying to keep off the monster mutants lurking in post-apocalyptic Russia.

Crackdown 3

Crackdown 3 managed to push through all sorts of problems that caused several delays. However, after a decade from the last sequel, we will finally get to play the next instalment in the series. The game will feature both single and multiplayer modes, and it will be exclusive of the Microsoft Store.

God Eater 3

Bandai Namco has been incredibly active over the last several years as the studio published numerous games across various genres. God Eater 3 is their most anticipated title for February. You could say that it reminds a bit of Monster Hunter as you will deal with large-sized bosses while playing online with other players or AI companions.

Dirt Rally 2.0

Racing and sports fans are delighted that the new instalment to the reputable series developed by Codemasters is coming in February. Adding weather effects and other customization options should make Dirt Rally 2.0 a real simulation racing game in which you can make a single-player career or test yourself against other players online.

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