Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a Titanfall Battle Royale Game without Titans

How do you feel about the idea of someone making Titanfall Battle Royale? Yes? We agree that is something we would love to try, and it seems we will get the chance in the following days. According to Game Watcher, Apex Legends is a Titanfall BR that will be released on Monday!

Now, brace yourselves as there are a couple of catches. The biggest one is that the game won’t actually feature any titans. We will have to be satisfied with the fact that Apex Legends will be set in the Titanfall universe. Truth to be told, the developers didn’t put the TF name in the title so that they wouldn’t mislead the players.

As for Apex Legends, the game will be a hero-centric BR. The maximum number of players per server will be set at 60. The players will have the chance of playing in squads with up to two teammates (three players in total). The authors used the same engine as for Titanfall 1 and 2, although the Source engine has been modified in the meantime.

Free to Play, Which Means Microtransactions

The game will be free to download and play, but it will feature microtransactions. According to rumours, the model will be similar to the one used in Overwatch. That implies the main focus will be on loot boxes that provide cosmetic upgrades.

Although a Titanfall BR sounds interesting, the question is whether you are equally excited about it now that you know it won’t feature any titans. It remains to be seen whether Apex Legends has what it needs to attract the audience. Who knows, if the game develops well, maybe the studio agrees to implement titans and take the game to an entirely new level!

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