titanfall 2 review


The first Titanfall was full of creativity, action, and brilliance. Most players say that this installment was just overhyped. But who can blame the reviews? You have the chance to control giant robots and make them fight against other giant robots. You can also do some epic wall running, knee sliding and gun fights.

However, the first game needs some room for improvement, particularly with the single player campaigns and challenging level grinding systems.

Thankfully, the developers from Respawn addressed all these issues in Titanfall 2.

This new game follows a lot of the tropes and mechanics found in traditional FPS titles. The elements are mostly familiar, but the way they execute the fights and level designs are extraordinary. When you enter its virtual world, forget everything you know about firing angles, covers, terrain navigation and tactics that you picked up from years of video game experience.

Thanks to the proper three-dimensional motion, every nook and cranny of each map, is an opportunity for an epic headshot or a deadly trap.

Before you become the next mecha master, read this Titanfall 2 game review first!


The game delves into the bond between a Titan and its pilot. In the Titanfall game series, these machines are not just giant, disposable chunks of metal. They are sentient beings that can talk and feel. Think of the anime Eureka Seven or the Western cartoon Iron Giant.

You will follow the story of Cooper, a hero who had just been acquainted with his first Titan BT, which is tone deaf.

The human and machine have contrasting personalities. Cooper is a jokester, while BT is cold and analytical. They don’t understand each other, but they are both likable as you get to know them more.

The rest of the plot is familiar, sci-fi fare. You have your corrupt corporations, weapons of mass destruction, evil mercenary cyborgs, and Terminator parodies, among many others.

Following the plot is fun, especially when there’s fighting involved. There are just instances when the resolution for some of the arcs is not that satisfying. Plus, the ending is predictable. This is one of the most frustrating aspects of Titanfall 2 for PS4, as the game has impressive dialogue, interesting characters and detailed landscapes for telling the story.

Campaign Mode

In Titanfall 2 FPS, the campaign mode is short but sweet. This is ideal for players who don’t have the patience to explore vast, open-world arenas that require hard labor to be completed. The campaign only lasts around 8 hours, but it still depends on your skill level and your preferred difficulty settings. The story is also linear, making it easier to follow.

There’s nothing wrong with open-world campaigns. The vast, complex maps allow players to discover the game’s lore and empathize with the characters. However, in a franchise like the Titanfall FPS Series, a straight, action-packed campaign is more effective. If you have a giant robot at your disposal, you don’t want to spend hours chopping wood or collecting scrap metal to craft items. You want to ride your robot and blast enemies with your laser guns – and that is what the developers offered in this new installment.titanfall 2 campaignDespite being quick, each level is unique and exciting to play. There is one level wherein you have the power to control time, and you need to switch between the past and the future to explore a research facility. There is also another one, which requires players to jump between debris while avoiding explosions.

Each level has an intelligent design, which makes the single player campaign feel fresh. Another added challenge is that you can’t ride BT throughout the entire mission. There are levels wherein you need to make Cooper do amazing stunts on his own like run across walls, jump high or conceal himself from enemies. Aside from the crazy map, you also need to deal with soldiers and robots.

After escaping through difficult platforms on your own, reuniting with your robot and wrecking everything together will feel like a satisfying reward.


The new Titanfall 2 mecha RPG series comes with huge multiplayer maps and better game modes that will make you feel the joys of riding your robot.

One game mode includes racing across corridors using grappling hooks. You have to run through walls, jump and defy the laws of physics to win. Aside from that, you also need to dodge bullets flying around the battlefield. The animation of each element on the screen is breathtaking and fluid. You won’t have a dull time while playing with your friends online. Despite being an FPS game, the strongest Titanfall 2 online is not the gun fights – it’s the traversal system. Once you have learned how to master the grappling hook, running around will bore you to death.

To make it easier to reposition in dangerous situations players are granted with a temporary cloaking device, allowing them wall jump while sneaking behind their enemies.titanfall 2 multiplayerThankfully, the Attrition mode is also back in the game. This feature was quite popular in the first installment, but the developers almost left it out in the second one.

In Attrition mode, you play alongside with AI grunts. The battlefield will be messy and chaotic due to the additional soldiers, but this is advantageous for newbie mecha pilots because they will earn points from destroying the grunts.

During the multiplayer mode, you can use the basics of “rodeo” to take down a mighty Titan. But the concept is not as simple as pounding on the robot’s metal frame until it explodes.

Players can rip out its batteries and take down the shield, making it more vulnerable to weapons. The empty battery hole can be plugged with explosives. After destroying the Titan, you get to keep the battery and use it to repair yours or your ally’s robot.

This mechanic adds depth to the multiplayer battle system. You have inventive ways to take down the enemy and support your teammates.

Titanfall 2 game modes

Aside from the normal skirmishes, you can play these other exciting modes as well:

  • Bounty Hunting – You earn rewards from killing both AI and enemy pilot. After every wave, you need to visit a bank to deposit your prize. Be wary though because other players can steal your money while you are on your way.
  • Amped Hardpoint – A game mode fit for players who want to collect points. Two teams will compete to score the highest points. The players can “amp” their abilities so that they can score even higher.
  • Pilots vs. Pilots – There are no available Titans on the battlefield; it’s just pilot vs. pilot action.
  • Capture the flag – A standard FPS mode wherein you steal the flag of the enemy team.
  • Free for All – Everyone is your enemy.
  • Last Titan Standing – Full on Titan Action without any pilots.

All these modes are fun to try, especially if there are many players online. Since the maps are unique, you can take advantage of the game’s motion systems and physics.

As you win each round, you can level up your weapons and unlock items for your Titan. If you keep using a particular weapon or Titan, you can unlock and upgrade them faster.


If you are looking for a new FPS game, the new Titanfall 2 is the best way to go. The fight sequences are exciting because the physics is accurate. The maps are vast and well-designed, allowing players to wall jump to their heart’s content.

The multiplayer battle modes are varied and provide a unique experience for every player. However, if you don’t feel like competing with other people online, you can try the short but exciting single player mode.