Through the Ages

Through The Ages Review – “A Strategy Classic Enters The Digital Age”

Are you a fan of the Civilization series? If the answer is yes, then you must try Through the Ages, the latest hit release for Android and iOS that is worth every cent ($9.99). If you don’t know, Through the Ages is a board game that now got its smartphone version. CGE Digital succeeded to capture the atmosphere and create a comprehensive experience that is both challenging and fun at the same time.

Excellent From the First Moment

Most of the civilization games are complex, and that is something you should expect from Through the Ages. Fortunately, it all starts with a tutorial that will explain how everything works. In fact, the tutorial is brilliant and must be one of the most innovative ones I have ever seen.

The lead game designer Vlaada Chvatil (from the Czech Republic) is your leader during the tutorial. He provides a great combo of useful tips and witty comments, which all enables you to learn how to beat your opponents and build wonders quickly.

There Are a Lot of Pieces on the Board

You might need a bigger screen to maximize the experience in playing Through the Ages. If you use a smaller display, you might have trouble seeing everything that you need to notice on the board. There are a lot of pieces there, which is true to the original board version of TTA, but it makes things tricky sometimes.

Don’t expect a Civilization-like release. For starters, Through the Ages doesn’t offer a map. Exploration and military components are also almost entirely excluded. However, you still get to command an army and attack and conquer territories. Aside from that, you will also be in charge of managing population, food, happiness, economy, research, and technology.

Through The Ages Gameplay

There is a bunch of goals you need to achieve in Through the Ages. You can advance different areas of civilization, and you want to improve each of them, but there is simply not enough resources. At the same time, the demands are increasing. Regardless of how pressed you are with various priorities, there is only one thing that tops the list – culture points. They are the key to winning in this game.

Are You Any Good with Cards?

Through the Ages is nothing else than a card game. You have cards that provide leaders, goals for research, wonders, as well as other goodies that you can only use once. You will have a deck of cards at your disposal, but there is a catch. Whenever it’s turning for you to play, the card at the front of the row is discarded. You get a new one instead, but it’s a lot more expensive than the previous one.

Playing Cards

Depending on the location of the card, you will need action points to play them. It takes one point to play a card from the front row and three to use one from the back. It’s your call whether you want to risk a crucial card to save some action points or play it immediately and spend a lot of them at once.

Unique Card Deck Truly Goes Through the Ages

We already mentioned the different types of cards available. It’s worth noting that history plays a major part in what’s shown on the cards. When it comes to leaders, you will have Aristotle, Newton, or Napoleon at your disposal, all depending on the current age of the civilization in the game you are playing. The same goes for wonders, but that’s not where the beauty of Through the Ages lies.


You see, there are different leader types. Do you want to rule by the iron fist? Choose Napoleon. However, would you like cultural prosperity? Then your choice should be Charlie Chaplin and building cinemas. There is a good chance you will need to adjust your strategy according to the demands that you need to fulfill.

Play It against Your Friends or Online

You can play Through the Ages against AI-controlled players, but that won’t be challenging for long. Fortunately, there are various scenarios with tricky challenges to improve the experience. Regardless of that, the best part of the game is playing online. The servers in Through the Ages are stable and online playing comes with the same features as the offline. You can choose the speed of the game any way you like and suit to your preferences.

Are You Ready to Go Through the Ages?

Through the Ages is an incredible adaptation of an already phenomenal board game. Yes, it will cost you some money to download it, but it will be worth it. Instead of wasting time on setting up the pieces, you can simply take your phone and enjoy playing the digital version of the game.

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