These Three Major Games Will Not Be Available on Steam in February

Epic Store

For years now, Steam has been the dominating platform for distributing PC games. While players around the world got used to that, it seems that the potential competition was lurking and waiting for an opportunity. During the last several months, many things change. Many studios decided to create their platforms, but the biggest Steam competitor is now undoubtedly Epic Store.

There is no dilemma that Valve’s software is now in a problem, which is once again confirmed by the fact that Steam won’t feature at least three major releases scheduled for February 2019. While we already knew about Anthem and Crackdown 3, the latest addition is Metro Exodus. The game developed by 4A Games was available for pre-order on Valve’s platform, but it was recently removed.

The latest news confirmed that Metro Exodus would become an Epic Store exclusive. The interesting thing to note is that all three major releases have chosen a different platform with Anthem being released on Origin, which is the platform of its publisher EA. And despite its fairly recent problems, Crackdown 3 will appear in Windows Store.

On the other hand, Steam managed to secure Far Cry New Dawn by Ubisoft for their store. However, The Division 2, another game by the same company whose release is set for March, already moved to Epic.

Although the majority focuses on Steam giving away its leading position, we should focus more on the changes in the PC gaming landscape. Although several publishers had solid success with their distribution software, it is Epic that made a real change in the industry. The list of exclusives that Fortnite developers secured is long and includes The Walking Dead, Hades, Ashen, Journey, and many other releases. Considering that they are the creators of the most profitable game out there, funds do not seem to be a problem for this company.

Valve even reacted after Epic robbed them of Metro Exodus even though Steam already listed the game.  The company said that the transfer was unfair, particularly towards the customers who already pre-ordered the release. 4A Games confirmed that they would find a way to honour all pre-orders already placed. Additionally, they secured a discount for the full version of the game with Metro Exodus being priced at $50, which is $10 less than on Steam.

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