Hearthstone Kobolds and Catacombs

Three Hearthstone Expansions Set to Come in 2018

Ben Thompson, Hearthstone’s lead artist, discovered some intriguing things about the future of the game in his interview with Metabomb. Among other things, we got the confirmations that Blizzard is planning to release at least three new sets of cards during 2018. However, Thompson refused to go into details because he didn’t know them.

“The 3×135 rhythm is not something that we are strictly focused on keeping, but I can confirm that we will come out with three full sets next year. I am just not sure about the numbers of cards in each of them,” said Thompson.

Aside from just implementing new cards, Blizzard will also include extra missions with each further expansion.

“We know that a significant portion of gamers out there loves the single-player content in Hearthstone. We feel that missions are the best way to take Hearthstone forward and explore the opportunity of offering challenges that will fulfill the expectations of both experienced players and beginners.”

That means that we can say goodbye to the Adventures at this point. Thompson and the rest of the team believe that they should go into history because they were not challenging enough for skilled gamers.

Further details on the expansions, as well as their release dates, will be revealed soon.

Can We Expect a Global Release?

We witnessed a staggered release with previous Hearthstone expansions, and it seems that it is something we can also expect with future additions to the game. The reason for this lies in the capacity of the servers. Thompson claims that Blizzard is continuously improving the technology, but they cannot be sure that it can handle gamers around the world opening packs at the same time.

“The ultimate decision will be made before the release of each expansion. However, whatever we decide, we want it to be in the best interest of gamers.”

In other news, the release of the final Hearthstone add-on for this year is getting closer. Kobolds and Catacombs will appear on December 7 for the North and South America, while the Asian and European gamers will get the chance to play it one day later. The expansion will add Dungeon Run, where a player will face a series of bosses that will be increasingly difficult to defeat. It is expected that the Blizzard will build on this mode in the future add-ons. You can find more about Kobolds and Catacombs on Gamepedia.

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