Carmageddon THQ Nordic

Carmageddon Franchise Will Continue to Live Under THQ Nordic

Without any intention to ask about your age (just don’t ask us either), how many of you remember Carmageddon? When it was released in 1997, it was a spectacular game where you had the chance to smash vehicles while racing other opponents. Although it had the smash-‘em-up component, it was fun for the entire family. Here is some footage in case you want to remember or see how it looked like:

According to the latest news, we can expect a remake in the following period. THQ Nordic has revealed that they have acquired rights to this franchise which has been dormant for years now.

As we mentioned, the story of Carmageddon started in 1997. The initial release was followed by a lot of controversies. The British authorities deemed the game too violent due to the potential slaughter of pedestrians and violence. The agreement was made when Stainless Games, the studio who created Carmageddon, agreed to insert zombies with green blood instead of humans. It took a while, but the version with human pedestrians was also released later.

We assumed that there will be no such problems with the game now. Apart from that controversy, it was a brilliant game that guaranteed plenty of excitement. The main objective was to come to the finish line first, but you were racing both the clock and the opponents raring to create chaos and destruction.

A Long Time Since the Last Release

The latest sequel was actually released three years ago. Titled Carmageddon: Reincarnation, it wasn’t received with a lot of approval by the gamers. Now that THQ Nordic confirmed the purchase of this IP, we hope that they can do the remake job right.

The gaming community speculates that this is the reason why they also purchased Bugbear Entertainment, a studio experienced in creating racing games. After all, they created Wreckfest which has some similarities with Carmageddon. THQ Nordic is pretty active on the market as there are several others notable IPs that they also purchased recently. The list includes Act of War, Alone in the Dark, Second Sight, and Time Splitters. Add to that the Darksiders, Destroy All Humans, and de Blob, which were all owned by THQ, and you have a very impressive list of releases.

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