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This Is Why Some People Are Upset With Elden Ring Gameplay (And Why They Are Dead Wrong)

This Is Why Some People Are Upset With Elden Ring Gameplay

The latest gameplay preview of Elden Ring had some elements that a small group of gamers considers "red flags". But is there any reason to be upset?

The overwhelming majority of people who watched the Elden Ring gameplay trailer are beyond happy with the presentation. There is, however, a vocal minority that has a problem with how the game plays. “I think I’m like the few that’s actually let down it’s basically D[ark] S[ouls] 4. Really wanted something newer, like how they took a turn with Sekiro,” complains one of Twitter users.

This is because Elden Ring reuses some animations like walking or performing a riposte ported straight from Dark Souls 3. And it also uses some particle and sound effects in the same vein. This is supposed to somehow taint the experience, and take away from Elden Ring’s identity.

And to be fair, this is somewhat of a legitimate complaint. Even between Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 there were distinct animations for ripostes, different walk cycles. Not to mention that Elden Ring is a separate IP. Much like Sekiro, or Bloodborne. And those games were totally different.

So yeah, Elden Ring does borrow more from Dark Souls than any other FromSoftware IP ever did. And why is that considered a bad thing? Why fix what is not broken?

Elden Ring And It’s Gameplay Are Peak FromSoftware

“With a larger world, new systems and action mechanics inevitably become necessary. In that sense, I think that Elden Ring is a more natural evolution of Dark Souls,” said Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring. So let me translate for you. Bloodborne is Dark Souls 4, Sekiro is Dark souls 5, Elden Ring is Dark Souls 6. Or better yet, change that to Demon’s Souls 5, 6, and 7.

Because Miyazaki and his team are still perfecting their unique game style. The same game style with unique twists and turns gave us BB and Sekiro. The evolution of this game style gave us all Souls titles. And now the next step in this evolution is Elden Ring.

The game will never play like Dark Souls, simply because it was not designed to be Dark Souls. Who cares about reused animations, that are very well made and do their job perfectly. What you should care about is the freedom FromSoft brings into the fold.

You Control The Battlefield Now

This new direction reminds me more of Sekiro if anything. With the vertical gameplay, and many opportunities for surprise attacks. But now with the weapon variety of the Souls series. And the open approach scaled up a hundredfold.

You now control the combat flow like in most open-world games. Will you rush in on horseback? Will you sneak about? Where will you set up an ambush to hit that convoy? Yes, this is big Dark Souls-kiro-demon-borne with Norse mythology. Because this is everything FromSoft learned up to this point combined, and it is truly unique and beautiful.

And instead of seeing all of that greatness Elden Ring holds, this small group of people complains. Because some particle effects looked familiar. Which is a pile of stinking… stuff by the way. The magic, and spirits look stunning. Unlike anything, we have seen in souls.

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