With a new generation of consoles on the not-so-distant horizon, it’s always fun to set ourselves up for disappointment and wildly speculate what new experiences and evolutions they might bring. This article won’t be covering 5 things we’re expecting to see from Sony this year, where is the fun in that? No, these are a handful of things (some more realistic than others) that we hope to see Sony announce or mention this year. For better or worse, may I present, 5 Things We Want to See From Sony in 2020.


One of the PS4’s best kept secrets is just how much support PSVR has been getting over the past couple of years. When it launched back in 2016 it wasn’t much more than a tech demo, a label it has been struggling to shake ever since. It has since gone on to receive a wide range of interesting titles from big names like Beat Saber and Superhot VR to its now admirable range of exclusive titles, including Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Blood and Truth.


Mark Cerny has already stated that the PS5 will work with the current headset, however, nothing official has been announced regarding an updated version. Despite my love for the current PSVR, one of the updates a 2.0 version desperately needs is a new set of controllers. It’s incredible how well the 11-year-old move controllers work for the current headset. However, the lack of thumbsticks restricts movement in some games and using the light as the main means of tracking often raises interference issues. The tracking can be an issue with the headset itself, so seeing an overhaul to this system or even a refinement of the current system would be a welcome change.

First-Party Games on Other Platforms

With rumblings that Horizon Zero Dawn is soon to be coming to PC, it’s exciting to speculate what other exclusives could be making the jump. The past 2 years have seen Sony heading in the right direction when they finally agreed to cross-play on huge titles like Modern Warfare and Fortnite, so this move may not be as far-fetched as it sounds. Their willingness to let others into the PlayStation ecosystem shouldn’t be overlooked considering how much they had previously been against it.

Even thinking about the idea of past titles like Horizon and God of War in full 4K, 144FPS glory has me all giddy, let alone the chance of some highly-anticipated sequels like the expected Marvel’s Spider-Man 2! Of course, I would need a new graphics card to handle it all, but that’s beside the point!

A $399 Price Tag

It’s widely agreed that Sony ‘won’ this console generation with the PS4. Having sold almost 106 million units since launch (as of Dec 2019), it is the second-best-selling console of all time. This is over double the estimated number of Xbox Ones sold at just shy of 50 million units. There are multiple factors that have contributed to Sony’s dominance over Microsoft in the console wars. One of these key factors early on was the PS4’s price tag. Launching at $399 compared to Xbox’s initial $499 price tag, helped hugely in establishing a wide market share early on. Gaming is in a very different place than it was 7 years ago, however, and with both companies yet to announce a price, it is likely these new consoles will be priced higher than their predecessors. Whilst it is possible that the PS5 could launch at $399, I think the more likely outcome would be it launching at $449, with the more powerful Xbox Series X coming in at $499. Sony should be able to back up the $50 price rise with features like backward compatibility and their new haptic controller, with Microsoft banking on raw power and game pass to justify the $499 price.

The Return of Sly Cooper

Sly 2: Band of Thieves was one of my favorite games growing up. Along with Ratchet and Clank, the Sly Cooper franchise is a property I hold very close to my heart. Besides having satisfying stealth gameplay and a really striking aesthetic (cell-shading was still new to me), the game’s characters were all very memorable and fun to be around.

Sly Cooper Art

It’s been a minute since the thieving raccoon has graced our screens. The last entry in the franchise came way back in early 2013. The developers, Sucker Punch, have since made inFamous 2 and Second Son and with their new IP Ghost of Tsushima set to launch later this year, it seems unlikely that we will hear from Mr Cooper anytime soon. Still, we can dream.

PlayStation Game Pass

Since making the switch from PS4 to PC late last year, the Game Pass for PC has quickly become one of my favorite things about being a part of the Xbox ecosystem. For £3.99/month I have been able to play newly released games such as The Outer Worlds, A Plague Tale: Innocence and Halo Reach. The pass offers tremendous value to the consumer and it is one of the few subscriptions I am happy to keep rolling.

Seeing the success Microsoft has had with their Game Pass as well as other publishers like Ubisoft and EA, it would be a shame if Sony didn’t announce an alternative. PS Now exists currently, however many of the games are streamed to the console and the service does not offer new game releases. I hope that Sony is at least considering a fully-fledged subscription service that offers newly released titles and exclusives.

Only Time Can Tell

Rumors have been circulating throughout the internet over the past couple of months as to when we can expect Sony’s PS5 reveal event, however at the time of writing this, no date has been confirmed. With new consoles set to launch in time for the holidays this year, we shouldn’t have to wait too long until details come pouring in from both Sony and Microsoft.

If only a couple of things on this list happen this year I think we can count that as a win. If there is anything you’re hoping to see from Sony this year that is not on the list, feel free to let us know!

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