These 5 Amazing Games Were Announced Five Years Ago, but We Are Still Waiting for the Release Date

Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date

It takes a while to make a great game and we can understand that. However, some developers are taking a lot more than usual. In fact, these releases were announced over five years ago and we still do not have any precise information about their release date.

Cyberpunk 2077

When the first trailer appeared in 2013, it had over ten million views in just seven days. There was almost no news until this year’s E3 when we got a lot more than we expected, including a gameplay demonstration and a new trailer. The game will release for PX, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 but nobody knows when. The chances are it won’t happen before the next year.

Dead Island II

Although the work on the project began in 2012, we got the first trailer two years later. There was no final release or other news until March 2016, when Sumo Digital announced that they will be taking over the development of Dead Island II. The studio has been shy about sharing information from then and only confirmed that they are still working on the game in July 2018.

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

It has seven years since the start of the project and it seems that the Bannerlord is finally close to being ready. After years of silence, the developers enabled a free to play demo for the visitors of this year’s Gamescom. However, they still haven’t shared the release date with the community.

Star Citizen

This is a PC-only release developed by Cloud Imperium Games. The Kickstarter campaign raised Chris Roberts and the gang a lot of money, but we are still waiting for the game they have been working on for more than six years. According to the developers, it will be a massive-scale space trading multiplayer, which sounds interesting, but when do we get to play it?

Deep Down

Capcom has been quite mysterious about this game. At first, Deep Down was supposed to be free to play dungeon crawler for PlayStation 4, but it seems that the studio changed the initial idea. Aside from the information that the game is in progress, there are new things that we can tell you about the game and the chances are that we will have to wait for it for at least another year.

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