The Sims 4 Free Update Brings Style Influencer and First-Person Mode

The Sims 4 First-Person Mode

The Sims 4 was released in 2014, but it has a huge player base even four years later. To be fair, the developers did make sure to create numerous expansion packs and add-ons to keep players’ interest with fresh content, but it is still a huge success for a game to last that long. After today’s news, we are certain that the number of players will further increase!

The all-new PC patch for The Sims 4 adds some cool new features, such as the first-person mode we have been waiting for a long time. In theory, that means you can now dig a hole and experience how it feels to jump into it. You can also see how the setup in your home looks from a sim’s perspective. It may give you a whole new view of the layout and inspire you to make extra changes.

So Many Things To Do

If you are considering changing things, why not consider creating an additional house on your lot? And while you are at it, why not put it at a different height? That way you can have a perfect overview of the entire lot from your house. The new update adds an adjuster for the foundation height and this is what lets you pick the desired height of the structure you are building.

While building a real palace, don’t forget about the underground as there you can have a true kingdom. There is not one, but two additional basement levels, which should give your sims enough space even if you are a big family.

Not All About Material Things

Since you are building a new home (or rebuilding the existing one), you can also consider switching careers. A completely fresh one available with this update is Style Influencer. You will have a style-board and a sketchpad and the task will be to be a trend-setter and define how the Sims around the city will look. You can also provider makeovers and use your skills to make other Sims beautiful.

Naturally, there are new outfit additions to support this new career. Download the patch right away and participate in a time-sensitive Positivity Challenge that can get you numerous rewards.

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