The Outer Worlds Won’t Focus on Romance – Obsidian Reveals

The Outer Worlds Development

The Outer Worlds is a new game developed by Obsidian, the creators of Pillars of Eternity. It was first revealed at the Game Awards held earlier this month and we also got the chance to see gameplay footage. It is a release that is intended to be played solo and designed for RPG fans around the world.

We should expect the game at some point in 2019 and there is no doubt that Obsidian aims to create another title that will be fans’ favourite. It remains to be seen whether they will succeed, but one detail revealed may but a denture in their plans. Some of the fans are complaining that there will be no opportunity to romance other characters.

This decision was explained by Leonard Boyarsky from the studio. He revealed that the developers consider the romance factor waters down the concept of RPG. According to him, seducing your teammate or more of them becomes a mini-game of its own.

“It is why we didn’t want to focus on that,” said Boyarsky.

No Distractions Allowed

The whole point is that they do not want romance to divert your attention from the actual game. The Outer Worlds will feature a deep and complex plotline that wants to avoid cheesy flirts. Add to that the fact that these scenes are rarely pleasant to watch and don’t exactly present an adequate reward for all your efforts.

All this makes sense why Obsidian decided to avoid this feature, but that doesn’t mean it is necessarily a bad one. After all, we will probably all have our favourite teammates at some point. It is a shame that we won’t have the opportunity to explore a potential romance with them. The biggest question now is whether Obsidian is making a mistake with this decision.

We know that Obsidian knows how to write unique and quirky plotlines filled with humour and smart comedy. In a world like that, there is no doubt the romance could find its place. Many fans were probably looking forward to exploring this opportunity. Regardless, The Outer Worlds has an excellent chance to be a great game, which is why you should keep up with all by following their official Steam page.

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