The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Demo

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Gets a Playable Demo

It is a normal thing for indie developers to get their funds on Kickstarter, but when your campaign gets support from reputable people in the industry, you know you might have a real gem on your hands. Ron Gilbert is among the backers of The Mystery of Woolley Mountain, which was enough to get us excited about the game. The release is scheduled to appear later this year with the official date when it is supposed to hit the digital shelves being 29th March 2019.

The developers are relentlessly working on the game, and they now released a playable demo available to all PC users. The demo is supposed to give you an insight into the Woolley Mountain and everything you will be able to find that. That includes evil witches, weird beasts, as well as automatons that looked like they are confused. If you want to join the wacky ropemen, you will be glad to know that the demo is free. You can find it on the official Steam page.

Coming From a Debuting Studio

The team behind The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is Lightfoot Brothers, and this is their debut release. According to the description offered on the page, the game is a point-and-click adventure set in a weird world. The developers draw a parallel with Space Quest and the Secret of Monkey Island, and it will be interesting to see if they truly manage to deliver a similar game.

The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Gameplay

A group of scientists known as Helmholtz Resonators will be the main protagonists of the release. Garland is the Head Chorister and has an excellent command of his voice, but his flaw is that he loves to keep things tidy. Vandamme is the mysterious one and a huge talent for both music and science. Carlton is a master of playing the guitar and drinking too much alcohol. Frithel has one obsession – science, and Chladni is another guitar player who is also known as quite the ladies’ man. The group also has an automaton protector called Auto. All in all, a very promising cast and we are looking forward to taking them on this amazing adventure!

Although the demo is only available on PC, the full game will also be released to Nintendo Switch.

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