The Impostor Factory

The Impostor Factory Will Be a New Game from Freebird

To the Moon was an amazing game, and all those who loved that title can now look forward to the next release from the Freebird Games. According to the announcement on PC Gamer that also contains an official teaser, Impostor Factory is the name of the upcoming title.

The video itself doesn’t reveal that much as it is fairly short and doesn’t contain a lot of details. Fortunately, one of the designers was happy to share some insights on the title:

“We will be focusing on bloody murders. That seems like a logical next move for our company,” said the developer whose name is Kan Gao.

While some of you might not like that fact, others will love an opportunity to play another horror (will it be) and gore release, especially when it is made by such a reputable studio like Freebird.

A Lack of Details

Apart from that, we do not have any precise information on the Impostor Factory. It is nice that the company used the right spelling (yes, that is how you should write that word), but they could also share some other insights.

That didn’t stop the community for making assumptions, and the one we consider the most interesting is the connection with The Mirror Lied. It is a short release that Gao himself designed more than a decade ago.

The connection lies in the faces or lack of them. The old release says in the description that it follows a faceless girl in a world without faces. Fast forward to the teaser for the Impostor Factory, and you will notice a faceless emote. Did Gao recycle an old idea or decided to expand it and make it a modern game?

It seems that there is something there because The Mirror Lied was also a mixture of a mystery, thriller, murders, and an overall dark atmosphere. If you want to try that game, it is available for free on the Steam gaming storefront.

As for the official release date of the Impostor Factory, we do not have one. For now, everything that you should know is that the studio is working on the title and giving their best to make it worthy of their previous releases. We can only keep our fingers crossed.

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