Resident Evil was kicking all sorts of headlines way back when the seventh installment was released. Capcom once again emerged triumphant after the return of the survival horror genre. And a more horror-oriented Resident Evil rather than just another action flick. But besides the recovery, fans needed more, something to fully cement the franchise’s glorious return. And in came swooping Resident Evil 2 Remake.

Relentless, equally terrifying, and enjoyable, this is what fans needed. You have to admire the team at Capcom for calculating this move, even though it could have been done only to prolong the legacy that is the company. Still, a new generation is coming up, so what should we look forward to from Capcom in the series future?

The First New Addition

Naturally, Resident Evil 3 Remake comes first to mind when speaking about the topic. Its remake was quickly followed and teased upon release of the second installment’s remake. This time around, however, everybody knows what to expect. That also means that Capcom must weave a much more sinister web, a more terrifying one if you will.

The Nemesis was quite scary way back in 1999. The way he followed the player and uttered S.T.A.R.S. gave us some remarkable chills. This time the scare factor must be through the roof. An iconic character such as the Nemesis can’t be underestimated, and shouldn’t be rushed. We want to feel that uneasy tension as if he is around any corner. Whereas the Tyrant from RE2R was cold, calm, and calculating, this guy is brute force and mindless chaos. We expect to run and scream while he chases us at full speed.

It’s all there, just a little of that Capcom fairy dust, and just like Tod Howards said, “it just works.” Naturally, we also expect the characters to be fleshed out much like in the previous remake, and much like its antagonist. Jill is a badass and one iconic female protagonist. So don’t let her be pushed aside because of the danger she is in. Let her struggle, adapt, and in the end, emerge victoriously.

Other Possible Projects

With such a killing streak, what would be a good step in the right direction following the RE3R? Rumors of a possible Dino Crisis Remake has been floating around the atmosphere. During 2019, multiple petitions and pleas for a potential remake were pointed towards Capcom. In the end, tweets started surfacing, and the internet was overflowed. With all IP rights still in Capcom’s possession, there comes doubt. Could they be working on it? After all, last year the company filed a trademark for the series, so they have some intentions with it.



Until such confirmation comes, fans took matters into their own hands. In 2019, a fan studio by the name of Arkley went on and created their own remade version. Fully playable, the team was successful in bringing the same level of detail that RE2R received. While the team didn’t have the same assets and money backing the project, it’s still well-received by the public. Even so, Capcom didn’t crackdown on them in any way. And while there is a possibility, no letter of cease and desist befell the studio, so they must be doing something right. However, it is unlikely that we will see this remake done by Capcom anytime soon. Especially when we know what’s on the horizon.

The Future

Resident Evil 8 was an obvious idea that came to life the moment RE7 was a success. A sequel that would be a new entry, and a follow-up to the giant, was the first thought in Capcom’s mind. And with new leaks regarding the next installment, it only seems natural to continue where it left off. So what do we know about RE8? Well first, no more series main staples. Sorry, Leon, Claire, and Jill. We love you, but Ethan is our new protagonist. Yes, the guy you played through RE7 with is once again your wheelman. But not alone. In an attempt to integrate the plot in the main series lore, our favorite boy scout Chris Redfield is also back.

On top of that, zombies make a return, as opposed to the molded. All of that with the addition of a new particular enemy, a werewolf for some reason. Sadly, the over-the-shoulder camera won’t be returning, instead once again going the first-person route. One element that will once again appear in this remake is a new predatory foe. One that will like previously, repeatedly stalk the player thought the whole experience. So that’s something to look forward to.

Capcom is on a good roll. With DMC V and Resident Evil making a full comeback, there is no telling what else could come up. We only hope this is the start of it and not the epilogue. It would be a shame if they reverted back now after so much progress was made.

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