The Division 2 Beta

The Division 2 Closed Beta to Start on February 7th

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is less than two months away from its full release. Developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, the sequel to a successful original will release on March 15, 2019, which means that it is the right time for a beta version. The beta is considered to be private as it will only be available to players who purchased the game via the pre-order option.

The private beta will only include portions of content to present the game to the community and received the feedback for potential improvements to be made to the full release.

The Division 2 beta will be running for four days. It will start on February 7th at 6 AM ET and end on February 11th at the same time. That will give you roughly 96 hours to enjoy testing the new shooter. Fortunately, the starting day is Thursday, which means that you will have an entire weekend to test the game and even a bonus day beyond that. It is expected that most players try the beta during the weekend, which will be a real test for the servers.

What Will Be Included in the Division 2 Private Beta?

Those who already purchased the game will get to play two missions from the main campaign. These missions will be available in normal, hard, and story mode. Aside from that, you will have the opportunity to check out the open world of The Division 2. You will get to play a total of five side missions, but there will be plenty of other things to do, too.

The next inclusion is the addition of Dark Zones, A total of three of these zones will be available for exciting PvPvE sessions. If you prefer to stick to playing against real-life players, you will probably love the Skirmish Conflict mode.

It is interesting to mention that the developers will also get to check out a special portion of endgame content, but this bonus will become available on February 8th at 4 PM GMT. It is a so-called Invaded Mission, which will require something more than just your usual equipment (that is what they mean by endgame). It seems that you can still try to sign up for the beta on the official website.

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