The Division 2 Beta Looks Promising, Endgame Content a Special Focus for Ubisoft

The Division 2 Endgame

What is the deciding factor in determining whether an online shooter will be successful or not? The majority of gaming experts would agree that it is the endgame. It doesn’t come as a surprise that Ubisoft is giving their best to meet and exceed the expectations of the community with The Division 2.

According to the studio, they are trying to learn from the mistake they made in the original. The private beta that will end soon allows us to take a pick at the beginning of the campaign and what we can expect later in the game.

“We are aware that The Division one didn’t offer much when it comes to endgame content. The activities were lacking, and we had to make a difficult decision to stop any DLC and focus on developing a proper sequel,” said Julian Gerighty, the creative director of the team working on TD2.

There are some good things that the developers will move from the original into the next instalment. For example, we can expect bounties, PvP arenas, and exotic weapons. Additionally, the studio promises that any DLC published during the first 12 months from the release will be free. That is one of the ways how the team plans to keep the community interested in the game.

Things Have Moved to Another City

The Division 2 will take place in Washington D.C., and things get tricky from the very first moment in the beta. Your initial mission is to take back the control of the White House from a rival faction. As expected, the White House will serve as your headquarters later in the game.

The more you progress, the bigger the influence of the Agency in Washington D.C. You will need to build settlements to gain more power, and the NPC characters will have a significant role. Aside from interacting, you can also recruit some of them. The private beta of The Division 2 allows you to take a peek at the NPC characters’ backgrounds, and the developers put more effort into making these flashbacks more fun.

Toward the endgame, a surprising and dangerous Black Tusk faction will appear. They will have gadgets and high-tech weapons and invade the city. It will not be easy to defeat them, which promises hours of interesting play. As you defeat them, you will receive new upgrades for your character, as well as weapon boosts. Once you complete all the missions, you will get to play them again on a harder difficulty level.

Overall, it seems that Ubisoft is trying to take things to the next level with The Division 2. It is good that they are aware this is a new chance for the entire franchise, and it would be nice if they use it properly.

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