The Curious Expedition 2 Will Hit Early Access During 2019

The Curious Expedition 2

The Curious Expedition is a game that takes you back to the 19th century and puts you in charge of an expedition. It is a roguelike mixture of adventure, RPG, and strategy many by Maschinen-Mensch. The development team seems satisfied with the results that this release published in 2016 delivered, which is the reason why they announced a sequel.

At this point, we only know that we can expect The Curious Expedition 2 to enter the Early Access phase on Steam during 2019. That implies the developers are only starting to work on the game. In the meantime, console lovers will have what to look forward to, considering that the original version is making its way to unmentioned multiple consoles. In theory, that surely means PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but we are still waiting for confirmation whether it will be available on Switch.

What Is the Curious Expedition?

The timeline is set more than two centuries ago where you will assume the helm of an expedition filled with celebrities (as in famous people). Your goal will be to explore different locations and look for treasures that will bring you a fortune, but also fame (as in becoming a famous person).

It sounds like a casual adventure, but in reality, The Curious Expedition is a roguelike release with elements of strategy.

You will start by deciding who you will take on your journey, as well as packing the necessary supplies. Each destination you explore is procedurally generated to add to the replay value of the game. During your expedition, you will need to manage food and other resources so that there is enough for all the members.

As expected, the locals are not huge fans of those coming to explore their areas, but the ancient temples are way too tempting. Apart from the general quest, The Curious Expedition also features a mini-game that involves a type of dice-tossing.

You will have an option to choose occasionally. What you decide will affect the outcome of the expedition. You can irritate the supernatural beings lurking around you, but also boost your supplies.

What Can We Expect from The Curious Expedition 2?

The developers won’t stray away from the concept implemented in the original. Some of the biggest additions should include multiplayer, as well as the option to tailor the game to your preferred playing style.

In the meantime, you can still use the opportunity and purchase the original version of The Curious Expedition at a discount price.

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