The Black Masses Demo

The Black Masses Showcases a Demo with 10K Zombies (and a Huge Blender)

Do you know what a technical demo is? Game development studios release them when they want to particularly emphasize a feature that will be implemented in their titles. It is precisely what Brilliant Game Studios did with the Black Masses. Their demo pits no less than 10,000 zombies against a giant blender. Before we get into details, we have to admit that the footage looks spectacular. Check it out below:

According to PC Gamer, there are three things that this video demonstrates. The first one is a dismemberment system, which explains how you will be able to cut zombies’ limbs and make it look spectacular. The second is the so-called procedural wounding feature, which is nicely explained in the video.

The final demonstration is related to graphics and performance. Even though the developers might not have wanted that, they showed how you can pack 10K zombies in a crowded space and not impact the performance at all (or too much). The footage truly looks spectacular, although the zombies didn’t stand a chance against a blender. Now, we do not know what machine was running the game, but it looks impressive nonetheless.

What Can We Expect from the Black Masses?

The Black Masses is a co-op medieval fantasy game with an accent on survival. The players will find themselves on an island of huge size and even more zombies. To be honest, the developers are calling them souls that were possessed by demons.

Some say that it reminds them of DayZ while others think of it as a copy of Warhammer: Vermintide on a grander scale. Either way, you cannot neglect that the video looks spectacular and it makes us look forward to the final release.

Unfortunately, we still do not have a release date for the Black Masses. The game currently seems to be in the pre-alpha phase, so it may probably take a while until we get more information about the potential beta and the final version. We do hope that the game won’t require hardware upgrade since 10,000 zombies seems a lot for my PC to handle.

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