Telltale Games Cancels Future Projects, Will Shutdown Soon!?

Telltale Games

We received shocking news from Telltale Games as the studio confirmed that they are facing severe problems and that “at least a part of the company” will be closing. At this point, the studio indicated that a total of 25 employees will stay with the corporation, but we are still uncertain about the current destiny for its franchises and games.

In the official announcement, Telltale Games said that it is incredibly difficult for the studio to make such a decision, but a huge portion of the company will be closing due to the challenges that they cannot overcome. The studio indicates that they had had a tough year and that they were forced to sack most of the employees while keeping a total of 25 staff members on board. However, it remains unclear whether these people remained just to fulfill commitments to partners and the board or to try to keep the company alive.

According to the sources from the company, Telltale Games tried to find a fresh course for the company, but the time didn’t let them do that. They are delighted that the gamers accepted their content and were thrilled with its quality, but the sales numbers were speaking against the feedback. As a result, the studio was forced to let their employees go and do something good in terms of storytelling across the industry.

Things are Not Looking Good

It seems that this is not a complete shutdown or at least not at this moment, but we are still surprised that such a reputable studio was forced to make this decision. Let us remind you that Telltale Games created some beautiful storytelling titles, such as Batman and The Walking Dead. According to the reports, the latter one will receive its remaining episodes, but that will be everything that the company plans to do.

This news implies that all those who were looking forward to new projects, such as the next season of The Wolf Among Us, won’t get the chance to play them because they were officially canceled.

“We are glad that we offered unique games and we are sorry to see our friends lose the jobs at the office where they loved working,” said the co-founder of the company Kevin Bruner.

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