Tech Support Error Unknown

Tech Support: Error Unknown Gets an Official February Release Date

Have you ever dreamed about working in tech support? Yeah, neither did I, but this turned out to be a dream job for many out there. Additionally, those guys undoubtedly encounter an unusual challenge to solve now and then to keep things interesting.

Dragon Slumber is a studio that thought the life of a tech support person is exciting enough that it deserves a game. That is how we got Tech Support: Error Unknown, which will officially be released in late February 2019.

If you scratch under the surface, you realize that it is a very innovative title. The game is a point and click adventure at its core, but you will have numerous challenging puzzles. Furthermore, everything will be rounded up by an intriguing storyline.

Although described as an adventure, you should expect jungles, forests, and similar things. Instead, you will be working on a simulated PC with the goal to resolve any issues the clients have with their software.

The interesting thing about Tech Support: Error Unknown is that the game received a couple of awards without even being released. One of them is the Best Indie Pitch Award, which undoubtedly raised the hype related to the title.

How Do You Play Tech Support: Error Unknown?

You will be working on a simulated PC using the Spectrum OS. Everything might seem like another usual day in the office when you realize that you encountered a conspiracy. Plenty of choices are waiting, and they will often involve choosing between proving loyalty to your company or siding with hackers.

We wouldn’t want to reveal too much, which is why it might be best to try the Tech Support: Error Unknown demo. It is available for free download on their official Steam page. Although the information there is not specific, we have inside information that the official release is set for February 27, 2019.

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