The First Video of the New System Shock Remake by Night Dive Studios

System Shock Remake

Remember the amazing first-person active role-playing game System Shock? It was released in 1994 and extremely popular at the time. Night Dive Studios is interested in doing a remake, which is why they began a Kickstarter campaign. Things are going well lately, which is why the developers decided to surprise us with a video from the game. They call this an “adventure alpha” version and it was actually made available for playing, but only to a portion of people that supported the project with the largest sums of money. The rest of us will need to be satisfied with watching this footage:

An obvious thing that we noticed from the video is that the authors will recreate the original levels. They apparently used them as a template and tried to enhance the 90s textures we knew and loved. Not everything looks great at the moment since there are areas where the visuals seem phenomenal but in the other places, there is a confusing mix of modern and retro elements that doesn’t seem pleasing on the eye.

When Can We Expect System Shock Remake?

At this moment, Night Dive Studios raised over $1.4 million in Kickstarter and Backerkit for the purpose of creating System Shock. The development process wasn’t going smoothly at first since the studio had to make a sudden switch to a new engine as they weren’t pleased with the previous one. When it seemed that they finally discovered a suitable engine (Unreal Engine 4), they had to delay the game for 2020. At the moment, System Shock remake is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2020.

When it comes to features, it is expected that the new game will only have a single-player mode, but the developers confirmed that it will be released across multiple platforms, including Windows, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It is only Nintendo Switch that won’t get its own version of the game.

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