Super Mario Party

Super Mario Party Now Available – Play Co-Op in Four or Take on the World

It seems that multiplayer and party games have always been an ace up Nintendo’s sleeves and that hasn’t stopped with the appearance of Switch. The latest in the line of excellent titles that you can play with your friends and family is Super Mario Party. The game hit the digital shelves on Friday, October 5, and you can check the reviews in case you still haven’t bought it. We would say that there is no doubt it is a worthy investment. Basically, it gathers the familiar characters from the Super Mario crew and enables them to compete in a whopping number of 80 mini-games.

Up to four players can participate at once and the interesting part is that Super Mario Party is actually a board game. As expected, the games show an incredible level of creativity from the authors and guarantee a lot of fun. There will be cases where each player would play for themselves, while some of the games are two versus two, which means you will play in teams in an effort to win. In fact, there will also be situations where you might play alone against three opponents. All this guarantees a total madness, but that is not where the excitement is ending. Nintendo has finally implemented the feature of online play, which means that you can try your luck against other players from all around the globe.

In case you want to stick to offline playing, there is an extra option at your disposal if you have two Switches available. The game allows you to connect the displays and have a larger area for playing. However, in this case, you can only play four games available within Toad’s Rec Room.

How to Buy Super Mario Party?

There are no deluxe or other luxury editions of the game. Instead, you can only purchase the standard version of the Super Mario Party for $60. We suggest checking out the trailer below to find out more about the game:

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